5 Career Paths for Aspiring Freelancers

5 Career Paths for Aspiring Freelancers

Post-pandemic, people’s perspective on the traditional 9-5 working life has changed. 

Where once, workers prioritised job security, and the reliability of a monthly paycheck held a solid appeal, increasingly employees are now more concerned with their work-life balance – something many roles don’t offer. 

And though freelance work presents its own challenges, it’s also highly rewarding. It gives you the freedom to set your own schedule and determine your workload, and if you’re a strong competitor in your field, you’ll have your choice of projects. 

These are just five career paths for those considering freelancing. 
1. Digital marketing 

As digital marketing becomes an increasingly prevalent tool for businesses online, many will turn to agencies to kickstart their campaigns. 

Others will recruit in-house teams, while some will turn to freelancers to create engaging and effective strategies. 

If you have experience in this field, taking your career freelance could be a fantastic next step for you. But if you’re uninitiated in the world of digital marketing, it may still be the path for you – distance learning is ideal for those who are used to working remotely, and with flexible study from the likes of ARU, who offer a Digital marketing BSc, you’ll be able to study on a schedule that fits you while continuing your current role or laying the foundations for your freelance move.   

2. Writer 

One of the most careers most commonly associated with freelancing 

As a freelance writer you’ll have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, whether you’re interested in journalism or producing consumer-focused content for companies. 

There are plenty of ways to find freelance writing jobs online – recruitment sites like Reed are a popular place for companies to advertise opportunities.  

3. Photography 

Another common career for freelancers, there is a significant demand for photographers across industries – from private celebrations like weddings and christenings, from major events such as gigs.

Freelance photography requires a highly specialist skillset. But if you have the passion, and the talent, this could be a fantastic career for you.

4. Web Design 

Web development is a growing sector – as online shopping becomes second nature, more and more businesses are turning to ecommerce.

If you have a keen eye for visually pleasing design and a solid understanding of what consumers are looking for, a career as a freelance web developer will give you the chance to help brands launch their online trade. 

5. Translator 

The ability to speak a second language is a highly useful trait, and one that many employers value, particularly as companies move towards globalisation.

But in reaching out to international audiences, many brands will outsource their translation and look to the services of freelancers to bridge this gap. If you speak a second language, a freelance career as a translator is a chance to work independently and explore opportunities around the globe. 

Considering a freelance career? These are just five paths you could take. 

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