A weaning update!

A weaning update!

We’ve been weaning Baby B for just over 6 weeks now, and it’s going well!  He’s been gobbling down most foods, which is obviously fantastic.  He does have favourites… pears are a winner (which is pretty handy seeing as they’re in virtually everything!).  It’s nice having him up at the table with us to eat so he can learn what it’s all about. I want him to have a healthy relationship with food and to really get stuck in (which reminds me, I really need to buy a splash mat of some sort for when he starts flinging stuff about!  Don’t think our carpets can take it!)

We’ve mostly been using Ella’s Kitchen; they’re great!  I didn’t want to spend lots of time making up different purees just for Baby B to take a dislike to it.  It then takes up precious space in my freezer!  Haha.

Ella's organic

I’m not feeling any of the mummy-guilt from not making my own purees… just the same as I didn’t feel any mummy-guilt when I stopped breastfeeding fairly early on.  You just do what you feel comfortable with.

Now we’re on baby porridge (usually Aptamil) and then maybe some toast cut up into long fingers for breakfast.  Lunch is a pouch of Ella’s Kitchen (either the 4 month, or the 6 month) and then some wafers (like these Kiddylicious ones).  And finally dinner is another Ella’s Kitchen pouch (a 7 month one, as they’ve got a bit more texture) and then a biscuit.  The biscuit gives him something to concentrate on so I can eat my dinner!

And this is on top of his usual milk feeds, which have not gone reduced at all.  He is still guzzling away!  Haha.

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