Chill Out! Simple Ways To Save On Heating Bills This Winter

Chill Out! Simple Ways To Save On Heating Bills This Winter

As February looms, we are eager to make our house as warm as possible, banishing the cold and hoping that our homes will retain as much heat as possible. For some this is a ‘put your finger in the air’ type of activity, the heating goes on, and the thermostat is set. However, heating your home and conserving energy is much more nuanced than this. There are other things you could be doing to help your humble abode retain some much-needed heat this winter.

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There’s nothing worse than cosying up on a winter’s evening in front of the TV only to feel a cold breeze against your neck or beneath your feet. There’s a draught somewhere allowing cooler air to enter the home and preventing the insulation you so desperately need. Go around your home with a fine tooth comb and work out where the draught is coming from. You may need to adjust your door thresholds to prevent air coming in from outside, and you might want to consider draught excluders around your window and door frames.


Insulate The Attic


Although the initial cost may run into the thousands to do a top quality job, you can save hundreds of pounds each year if you insulate your attic space. Hot air rises, and this is no different within your home. At the same time on cold winter days, cold air can escape from your roof area through your loft hatch and into your home. By using foam insulation, you are preventing warmer air from escaping. As your home retains more heat, the gas central heating needs to be on less saving you money on your utility bills.




Our double glazing does have a shelf life. As it ages, cracks within the framing can appear, and the glazing can become less energy efficient. When seeking replacements opt for high-quality uPVC windows that are double glazed and fit snugly into the space. You could choose stained glass, a leaded effect or opt for a simple design to adorn the bay window in your living room or the large windows in your kitchen. Make sure they are sealed properly and come with the Fensa certificate required to show that they have been fitted to industry standard.


As well as the glazing itself, you could improve energy efficiency even further by installing a plastic film to retain heat or by putting up some shutters. These will stop heat from escaping, help prevent draughts and can give the interior design of your rooms a chic finish.

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The Sun


It sounds ridiculously simple but if you have top quality windows and doors that have a large proportion of glazing and it’s sunny outside, don’t keep the curtains closed. Open them up, let the light (and heat) flood into your home. You’ll be surprised just how much warmth a little bit of sunshine on a winter day can enter your pad.


If you want to save money on your utility bills, employ these methods that will allow you to turn your heating off a little more this winter.


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