Clearing Out Your Home For Good

Clearing Out Your Home For Good



If you want to embrace a simpler, more minimalist life this year, there are many things that you can do to change your lifestyle for the better. Minimalist life can save you a ton of money, help you to keep the house clean and allow you to focus on the important things in life. If you fancy trying your hand at clearing out clutter this weekend for a minimal lifestyle, here are some things you can do.


  1. Schedule time

Think of decluttering your home like going for a doctors appointment. Make a time every week or every day to spend 30 minutes decluttering part of your home. You can even motivate yourself to stick to a time by hiring Grange Removals to visit your home at a specific time. This will make sure that you clear out the clutter and get it out of the house.

  1. One box at a time

Don’t overface yourself with the whole house in one day. If you want to clear out your home and keep it that way, you need to take your time and do things bit by bit. Try one box at a time in your spare room, one drawer of the wardrobe at a time, and one shelf in your living room at a time. Eventually, you will work your way around the whole house and it will all be clear.

  1. Buy storage for maybe items

When you are clearing out items in the home there will always be items that you can’t bear to get rid of right away. Think about buying yourself an extra storage container for the spare room where you can place things which you aren’t sure about parting with. This will allow you to mull things over and make a decision you are truly happy with. If you don’t miss the items and you don’t use them for a long period after placing them in storage, you will be able to say goodbye comfortably.

  1. One in, one out

The main thing you want to think about to avoid cluttering up the home is the fact that you need to clear out as many items as you bring in. For example, every time you buy a new dress or a new top, take another one to a charity shop or sell it online. Clearing out the home in this way will make life much easier for you and it will ensure that you beat the clutter for good.


  1. Room by room

When you are clearing out the home, it can be easy to get distracted by the different rooms and you can end up doing in circles and losing track. The issue with this is that you will never get one room completely cleared, and it will take much longer for you to clear out the home. To avoid this make sure that you focus on one room at a time to stay on track. Your home will be clear of clutter and spacious in no time!

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