Dental website tips; how to make it a core marketing tool

Dental website tips; how to make it a core marketing tool

When you open a dental surgery, one of the key things you will want to have is a website showcasing what your surgery can offer. But is it doing all it can to make your dental surgery popular and successful?

This area relates to search engine optimisation (SEO) and general marketing overall as your website is essentially your business card, and for you to attract as many people as possible to your dental surgery, your website will need to be optimised and, of course, very attractive! So how is this achieved?

Here are some of the top tips for making dental websites more appealing to visitors and, of course, SEO!

Essential information first

Many people who have been online have come across badly designed websites, which may have had homepages that looked cluttered, or they may not have been able to locate the important information that they need. When somebody visits dental websites, they are almost certainly looking for information about what the surgery can offer and where they are located, so be sure that on your homepage, you have your phone number, address and email contacts. You may even want to make sure that patients can book appointments online as this will be highly convenient for them.

Being mobile-friendly is important

Pretty much everybody has a smartphone nowadays. For your website to rank highly on Google and, of course, be optimised, you will need to make sure that it is mobile-friendly so that when somebody loads it on their smartphone, they can access all of the same features that they would normally be able to on a laptop or PC. Modern websites should also feature a responsive design and be able to adjust the layout of the website based on the device that is accessing it.

Logical pattern

The website should also follow a logical pattern, so there may be a drop-down menu saying cosmetic treatments, which will list within it orthodontics, veneers and dental implants. You do not want patients becoming lost or confused on your webpage, and having it follow a logical pattern will also make it more accessible to those all-important Google bots, which will boost the SEO.

Useful content

Blogs are an important part of your surgery page, as is the content overall. As mentioned earlier, most people want to know what your surgery can offer them, so be sure to showcase this in a way that is unique and non-plagiarised. Unique content will also help to get unitised by the Google bots and keep your patients informed on what treatments you can provide.


Your surgery page should have videos that could act as an introduction to yourself and your dental team. Or they can simply be animations, showing the step-by-step process for some of the treatments that you may offer, such as the fitting of dental implants. This will break the information down into a medium that is easy for your patients to comprehend and will also boost the SEO overall. Great stuff!

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