Elf & Seek Festive Countdown | Competition

Elf & Seek Festive Countdown | Competition

Are you looking for an alternative to a traditional chocolate advent calendar this year?  How about one that means a yummy gingerbread biscuit every day in the countdown to Christmas?  Then look no further!

This is the first year that our eldest will actually “get” Christmas.

He’s just been too young to appreciate it up until now (and he’s still a little too young to be too brainwashed by all of the adverts on TV – phew!) but we’re encouraging him to get into the spirit of things!

And why not start with an advent calendar?

We’ve been sent the Elf & Seek Festive Countdown from The Little Treats Bakery (yum!)  The box contains 24 individually wrapped gingerbread biscuits that you hide around the house each day, and your children (or partner…!) has to find them.  And then gets to eat them.

Our 2 1/2 year old is just about getting “hide and seek” as a concept, and it’s taken a couple of days for him to understand that it’s one a day, and there aren’t lots of gingerbread men hiding around the house for him to find…!

We hid his first one under a pillow, and he was so excited to find it!  He loves biscuits (particularly gingerbread, but any biscuits will do!) and bounded straight on over to me, gingerbread man in hand, and gave it to me to open for him, laughing his head off.


I think it’s safe to say that he loved it!

The next day, we decided to hide one in the tunnel of his train track.  This one took a little longer to find, and he did need a bit of help, but the beaming smile when he found it was priceless.

The biscuits themselves are delicious!  No cracking on the icing or anything like that – that’s the sign of a well made, good quality biscuit in my book!

Thinking of 24 imaginative places to hide the biscuits might be a bit of a challenge but, hey, that’s half the fun! 🙂

It’s such a great concept, and adds a little bit of extra fun in the mornings!

You can buy The Little Treats Bakery Elf & Seek Festive Countdown from Amazon

The Little Treats Bakery Elf & Seek Festive Countdown

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*thank you to The Little Treats Bakery for the review box, and for supplying the competition prize too!*

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