How To Market Yourself As A Writer

How To Market Yourself As A Writer

Nowadays, thanks to the internet and the many resources, such as social media and online education, starting a writing business has never been easier than it is today – and since so many business owners don’t actually care to or know how to write very well, then they’re actively looking to hire people who can do this for them, so that means that there’s a definite market for it.

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However, the downside to that is that competition is tougher than ever and there a lot of good writers out there who are going and getting the clients. You may think, as many people do, that this means there isn’t enough business to go around, but really this is coming from a lack mindset and isn’t actually a thing that exists – there’s more than enough to go around, but it always comes down to your positioning and how you choose to market yourself.

The other thing to remember is that – especially when you’re just starting out and trying to make a name for yourself, you need to be actively marketing your services and getting yourself in front of clients, because it doesn’t matter how good a writer you are, if people don’t know about you, then they won’t be able to hire you, and they’re not going to just stumble across you because you put up a fancy website.

So, in this post, we’re going to give you some tips when it comes to marketing yourself as a writer so that you can get yourself out there and be hired by the clients who you really want to work with and who will actually value what you have to offer them.

Find your niche:

The first step in starting your writing business off on the right foot before you even start marketing yourself is knowing what you have to offer. Instead of just putting yourself out there as a writer, then you’ll want to find a specific niche that you specialize in – this can either be an industry, or it can be a specific type of content that you write. There’s no right or wrong way to choose your niche, but for example, some people would never consider that writing for businesses such as Heart of England Funeral Homes is something that they could be hired for, but these businesses also need content and it has to be written in a very specific nature due to the sensitivity required, so don’t be scared to really niche down into areas that nobody else wants to go near.

Find your target audience:

As with a niche, you need to know who you’re marketing to before you even start marketing to them, so take some time to understand this.

Create a website:

Your website doesn’t need to be fancy, but should highlight things like past work experience, a portfolio, and a list of services you offer.

Create high-value content:

In order to get yourself out there and known as an authority and be seen for your skills, you need to create consistent and high value content that your potential clients will find useful. This should be posted on places like social media as well as your own blog.

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