Incredibly Fun Christmas Decorations You Can Make With Recycled Materials This Year

Incredibly Fun Christmas Decorations You Can Make With Recycled Materials This Year

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Yay! It’s almost Christmas, it’s the time to decorate your house with pretty tinsel and sparkly trees adorned with your favourite baubles. Go green this year and don’t spend a fortune on new decorations. Instead, recycle old materials to create wonderful, festive ornaments which are sentimental and family inspired! Test your DIY skills this year with these awesome, easy decoration ideas to get the whole family involved.


Ice-lolly stick snowflakes

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After all those lollies have been sucked, what do we do with the sticks? Throw them in the bin? No! Use them to craft a magical snowflake to hang on your wall. Get the kids to paint a bunch of sticks in white, then glue them together in a snowflake shape. Once you’ve let them dry, attach some ribbon to the top and hang it to the front door or mantlepiece.


Bauble Christmas wreath

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This one is so beautiful and transforms the whole house into a festive theme! Find all your boxes of unused baubles and put them to great use with this wreath design. Spray adhesive glue guns work perfectly with this project, making it easy to keep the baubles in place. If you want a full description of how to make this, follow this easy YouTube tutorial.


Christmas card garland

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You’ve probably got tons of old Christmas cards which keep piling up every year. This garland is really fun to make as you can get the little ones involved too! Give them a handful of cards each, safety scissors and tell them to cut them into big triangles. Next, use some string to fix them altogether. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t have to be cut perfectly, but will still look fab when it’s displayed in the house!


Scrabble ornaments

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If you have any old Scrabble board games lying about, use the tiles to create cute Christmas messages to display around the house. Words like ‘joy’, ‘snow’, ‘merry’ and ‘Christmas’ should start you on the right path. This is another great way to get the kids involved. Test their English skills and ask them to create their own Christmassy words of their own. It’s fun and teaches them at the same time, what more does a parent want?


Penguin bottles

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Gather all your used plastic bottles and bring them to life by turning them into little penguins! Feel proud of knowing you’ve been eco-friendly and you’ve made something for the kids to have a giggle at too. Use paint to create the body and face of the penguin, leave to dry, then tie strands of wool around the bottle to make a little scarf. After all, we need to keep the little fellas warm!


Snowman cardboard ornaments

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Cardboard may seem useless while it’s lying in the bin, but it’s surprisingly versatile! One great use for it is crafting adorable little snowmen ornaments. A festive, simple activity for the kids to enjoy while listening to Christmas music at the same time! These little guys also make a wonderful Christmas gift.


At least one of these ideas should tickle your fancy. Get into the Christmas spirit right away and spread the eco-friendly joy across the whole household this year!

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