It’s Getting Hot Here, But Should We Be Preparing For Winter?

It’s Getting Hot Here, But Should We Be Preparing For Winter?

Right now we are on the threat of a hosepipe ban, the heat that we have had so far this summer has been incredible. The weather is good, we are all enjoying our gardens and the great outdoors, but like anything, time is moving so quickly, and before we know it those cold winter months are going to be upon us once more. So is there anything we could be doing now to better prepare ourselves? I wanted to share with you how you can start preparing for winter right now.

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Changing the lightbulbs to energy efficient ones


Right now you may not even remember the last time you used lights in your home. Longer days means more light to take advantage of, and hopefully could help you with a reduction in your energy usage. But as the summer draws to a close, you will start to use those lamps and lights again in your home, so prepare now by installing energy efficient bulbs in your home. Making the time to do this, means that as you start to need that artificial light, that it won’t end up costing you a fortune during the winter months.


Check out your heating system


The next thing you might want to do is check out the heating system in your home. This can be a huge issue for you if you suddenly get to a colder day and all of the sudden the boiler won’t work. It might not be in the forefront of your mind now, but checking it over and even having your new one installed now might be the answer. There are lots of companies specialising in boiler installation and doing the job in there summer means less upheaval and need for heat while the work is taking place. You will be thankful for the forward thinking when winter really hits hard.


Tackling those yearly chores while the weather is good


There are jobs on our to do lists that we just don’t want to do and often they are those chores that we need to do yearly or not as regular as normal day to day cleaning. However, while the weather is good why not tackle them once and for all? Maybe clearing out the gutters, cleaning the windows or clearing out outbuildings or your shed could be the ideal way to spend a warm day.


Is now the time for those winter DIY jobs?


Finally, there will be DIY jobs that need doing to your home, and some will really benefit you in winter, so now might be the ideal time to get them booked in and completed. Maybe new radiators or a heating system, maybe you want a new kitchen or a bathroom remodel. Often doing these jobs now is less upheaval to you die to the warm and dry weather, and can feel like you are feeling much more sorted and organised for the months where you just want to hibernate in your home.


I hope that this has given you some idea on how you can prepare for winter.


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