Keeping Your Furniture Clean With Young Children At Home

It’s a common misconception that you can have children or nice furniture, but not both. While yes, children may get messy or not appreciate the value of a piece of furniture, that doesn’t mean that you can’t protect it and keep it in a good condition.

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Learnt the secrets of keeping your furniture clean with kids at home and keep your furniture in tip-top shape.

Buy fabric protectors

There are some excellent fabric protectors on the market today that can keep your furniture safe from spills and stains. By protecting your furniture items as soon as you get them, you’ll stand a better chance of helping them to last.

Choose sensible furnishings

While a bright white sofa may look great in the showroom or in a magazine, is it really the most practical solution for your home? When buying your furniture, think about buying colours of fabrics that won’t perish as easily as white or cotton fabrics. This doesn’t mean that you still can’t buy nice furnishings, and items like leather sofas are beautiful to have in your home. Furniture that’s easy to clean is worth having, so shop around to find a style that you like that will be easy to maintain.

Use protective covers

Protective covers are great for keeping your tables and other surfaces mess-free. Whether they like to paint on the kitchen table or play with crayons on the living room floor, there are plenty of products available that are wipe-clean to cover your furniture. Wipe clean tablecloths and other items come in some great patterns and designs, so you can find items that blend in with your decor. When your protective items are no longer in use, simply put them away out of sight.

Invest in a steam cleaner

Steam cleaners are a great product to have around your home. They make light work of stains from spills on the floor to stains on the sofa. There are some great tips on using a steam cleaner that will help you make the most of it. When you’re a busy mum without much time for household chores, you can save a lot of time cleaning your home with the help of some steam.

Tackle stains quickly

If an accident does happen, get in there quickly to stop the stain from settling. Keep all of your surface cleaners in an easy to reach place so that you can remove the stain as soon as it happens and keep your home looking clean. Plan in time to give your home a deeper clean from time to time, including a carpet clean to keep your flooring looking fresh.


Kids will be kids, and the odd spill or household mess is all part of the parenting package. Equip yourself with some great household cleaning hacks to help you maintain your beautiful home, and try not to worry too much about it. When the kids are old enough, you can get them to help you out so that maintaining a clean, tidy home becomes a job the whole family can share.


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