Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

By the looks of things (unless Baby B decides to make an early appearance!) I won’t be a mother in time for Mother’s Day this year (Sunday 15th March here in the UK)! But I suppose at least that gives Mr B a chance to get the flowers organised nice and early for next year! Haha. :o)

There seems to be a lot of competition out there for gifts/flowers at the moment… most places seem to be doing deals to try and get you to buy that perfume that your mum loves or send her flowers to show you’re thinking of her. Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition… as long as you can afford to do it! I always thought that Mother’s Day was about spending time with your Mum (if you’re lucky enough to still have her around) and showing how much she means to you… not necessarily about the biggest and best gift you can buy.

I’m planning on a nice chilled out afternoon with my Mum on Sunday; some relaxing time in front of a few chick flicks eating chocolate sounds just the thing!

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