Recruitment Of Partners in the Shapewear Industry

Recruitment Of Partners in the Shapewear Industry

The shapewear industry is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative sectors in the fashion industry. Years ago, women had to either diet or workout to fit into a particular dress. Nowadays, women can easily purchase the right shapewear for their needs and slip it on.

At Waistdear, we design and produce shapewear in wholesale quantities. Whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday use, our professional team put their best forward in designing and producing the best. 

Comfort is not a problem with our shapewear as we use top-quality materials for our production process. Our design team designs suitable shapewear to fit its purpose. Whether it is a corset or wholesale waist trainer, we have tailored our shapewear to make them comfortable to wear.

Why You Should Partner With Us!

Over the years, we have catered to over 4000 businesses and helped them kickstart and scale their shapewear business. With over 500 employees across 20 production lines, we are easily accessible without delay.

We boast of a research and development team with over 10 years of experience and a stellar record in developing modern-day shapewear to suit every woman’s needs.

Our use of modern factory and technology equipment has made us reputable across the world for developing and delivering top-quality shapewear. We have also registered an annual sales of over 800,000 products across countries. 

We have hundreds of various styles in our catalog to help women feel beautiful and comfortable without any stress. 

Want to know more about why you should choose us as your partner?  Read on. 

  • Use Of Quality Materials

Our shapewear is tailored to be breathable, comfortable, and stretchy. Waistdear research and development team uses the best products suitable for its purpose. For example, our full-body shapewear is made with spandex and nylon which are known for their stretch ones and strength respectively. Customers will not have to bother about their shapewear wearing and tearing after use subsequently.

Our shapewear panty also have a 5-star review, affordable rate and easy wear and removal. 

  • Inclusivity

And who says shapewear is only for a particular body shape? As a company that tends to women’s needs, we know that women of all shapes and sizes deserve to feel beautiful. Whether a size 6 or a size 16, Waistdear has everything for every woman. Our size chart ranges from size XS to size 6XL, making available different choices to our customers. 

Our wholesale plus-size lingerie section is the perfect place for all women of all sizes.

  • Logo And Branding

One of the special services we render to customers is branding and logo production of their designs. We are of the idea that it is easier for our wholesale customers to have access to their products manufacturing and product branding in a single place. 

Our customers have access to consult our professional sales after developing their logo. The design team designs their products to their taste before it is taken for manufacturing. Our branding services include logo design, washing care labels, branded tags, and custom packaging. This also ensures that the products are not compromised or damaged if taken to another place for branding. 

  • Intellectual Property And Certification

Waistdear values its designs and the efforts the various teams have put into making these designs a success. Hence, we have protected our products with Copyright and patents rights. Our investors, partners, and customers rest assured that there was no infringement of Intellectual property in the production of our products. In addition, our partners can benefit from our various intellectual property rights such as monetary and exclusive usage rights. 

We hold certifications from Alibaba as an assessed supplier. Waistdear has also been inspected, approved and certified by SGS for quality products without comprising or breaching any safety laws.

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