Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

The weather is finally improving and it’s time to give your home a bit of a makeover as well. Here are some simple tips for your interior and exterior, to get your place ready for spring in no time. Welcome your family and friends into your new spring fresh garden as well, and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. 


First things first, have you been keeping on top of maintenance? If not it have your place professionally inspected before you start cleaning and decorating. This will help to identify any problems that need to be tackled – such as damp, mould or need for pest control. If you get ahead now, you will save money in the future, as you won’t need to fork out on large-scale repairs. Things like roof cleaning services are a good idea to have done now. You will be surprised how much can be fixed with a bit of cleaning and care, rather than needing to be replaced. Get your plumbing, electrics and exterior walls checked as well. There are checklists online with all the things you need to look at.

Spring Cleaning

It wouldn’t be springtime without that big clean. Before you start decorating and changes to your interior, make sure everything is spick and span. To be more eco-friendly why not swap your cleaning products for more natural cleaning products. These are available in most stores and they don’t include as many toxic chemicals. 


Sustainability is one thing trending this year. This means reducing waste and energy consumption. For a cheaper option try decorating your home with antiques or second-hand items so check out some local markets and antique stores. The best thing you can do however is to buy more durable, quality items that will last you much longer. Have look at Alexander & James Sofas, to add a touch of style to your living room. Opt for natural, good quality materials for fittings and fixtures such as wood, stone, and marble. These will not only last longer but will go perfectly with a natural, healthy springtime look. Colorwise look into natural blues and greens, and matt pinks, which also go well with this time of year. For more information check this season’s interior design trends


Gardening is proven to be very therapeutic so putt those green thumbs to work. Get ready for the arrival of spring flowers first by thoroughly weeding and irrigating your yard. Remove any moss and weeds. Make sure you water your grass correctly, sometimes two to three times a week and make sure it’s thick and green. Plant some daffodils as well to add a traditional spring glow. You could set up window boxes or decorate the house with plants and flowers. There are many species of spring flowers available. Look out for local wildlife and set up bird feeders or treats for animals. You can also try making your own bird feeder yourself by recycling household objects. Try upcycling with old stereos and technology to make your own plant pots and garden decorations. Have fun while getting rid of some old junk! 

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