The Big Shop Challenge #bigshopchallenge

The Big Shop Challenge #bigshopchallenge

It started like this…

Last night, I turn to Mr B and say “i’m doing the big shop* online, do you want anything?”

I take charge of the food shopping, but always check if there’s anything else that he’d like to add (usually Wagon Wheels, or mouthwash…)

“Do you need to do a big shop this week?  Haven’t we got enough food?”

I do a big shop every Monday, to be delivered on a Tuesday morning (I love routine!) and spend £40.  That’s food, drink, household, nappies etc.  I thought that was pretty good going.  So I had a look in the cupboards, fridge and freezer and thought… well, maybe we don’t need to do a big shop.  I do tend to stockpile food a bit…

And it got me thinking…

I wonder if i’d be able to not spend any money on food this week and just eat what we have in…

So I decided to do it.  No big shop for us this week!  I have allowed myself £5 that I can spend (we need milk for Freddie, so I need to spend something!)  I’m hoping for a creative week where I can make the most of everything that’s in our cupboards!  How hard can this be?

Let the Big Shop Challenge commence!

I’ll post a full update on Tuesday with how I got on… but feel free to follow my progress on Twitter!

*the “big shop” is basically when you do all of your shopping in one go.  Essential for us because we don’t have a car, and so we get a food delivery. 🙂

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  • Love this. I get a perverse sense of enjoyment out of eking what’s in my cupboards before going shopping. I’ve actually made a carrot cake before using my carrot peelings from the Sunday dinner. Sounds weird but actually works fab.

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