The Most Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

The Most Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

The Christmas and New Year holidays are some of the biggest holidays, for young and old, but at the same time, they are associated with a logic of overconsumption, although this is not a one-way street for happy moments. Especially in times of economic hardship, the perception that treats the holidays exclusively or mainly as a period of consumer “escape” causes stress to many who can not follow the shopping marathon. 

In addition, the consumer boom of the holidays definitely causes “stress” in the waste management system and the wider environment. At a time when nature conservation and climate change mitigation have come to the fore – and rightly so – it’s time to look at many of our choices with a different eye.

For example, many gifts, especially toys and other children’s gifts, come with huge packages (often just for impressions), while poor quality plastic predominates. All this ends up in the trash, as the recycling network is usually blocked by common garbage these days, while it is not easy to recycle any kind of plastic. 

The search for more environmentally friendly gifts, from wood for younger children, valuable items and durable toys, with as little packaging as possible, is worth many times over. For older ages, gifts can be chosen more personally, with high emotional value, even “handmade”, in the sense that you will have made it yourself. But let’s look at some ideal ecological gift options:

Aromatic candles

For whatever reason you use candles, such as to relax, to decorate your space, to create a romantic atmosphere, you will agree that their good quality serves in the best way the purpose for which they were made. The best candles are made from pure beeswax. As produced by bees, pure wax is white or transparent and is used mainly in medicine and cosmetology. Scented candles are a safe and excellent gift choice for anyone and an alternative that respects the environment.

Ecological bags

Ecology can be characterized as a bag in the construction of which materials have been used, which do not burden the environment. These eco bags are available in handmade knitted bags but also in eco elastic bags with airy colours, which can be used very often in everyday life. More specifically, organic cotton fabric bags are pretty common. Apart from being extremely useful, these bags are quite ecological because they are reusable bags, unlike plastic bags.

Ecological jewelry

More and more people are turning to the choice of ecological jewellery. These types of jewellery automatically upgrade every wardrobe, with their high-quality materials, while at the same time they are quite economical. Their construction is based on sustainability, i.e. their materials come from recyclable materials and sustainable mining methods, which offers added value while at the same time managing to protect the environment. You can wear this jewellery on a daily basis, without the fear of wear and tear. So you can get this special jewellery by handmade recycled glass jewellery by and give it to all your loved ones.

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