4 Ideas To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter Season

As the cold weather draws in, our priority is staying nice and cosy. It’s tempting to crank up the heating, yet doing so often results in high bills and consuming too much energy. There are a few other ways that you can keep your home nice and warm this winter season.

Smart thermostats

Using a smart thermostat can help you to keep your home the perfect temperature and save energy too. Such thermostats can detect temperature and humidity to keep your home at the ideal temperature consistently. These devices can often be controlled wirelessly so you can set your heating to turn on at the exact time you’ll be returning home. High-tech thermostats can generally adjust the temperature on a room by room basis. Features like this can be useful as, usually, we do not need to heat all our rooms at the same time. 

Improve your insulation

While your roof and walls are already insulated, perhaps your insulation could do with an upgrade? Roofs with poor insulation are a big problem because they allow a lot of heat and energy to escape from your home. It’s worth checking the last time your roof was worked on, especially if you’ve got an older home. Jobs like this should go on your to-do-list now before it gets super cold! While you’re at it, it can be a good idea to check for any damages to your roof that have occurred throughout the year. 

New rugs & curtains 

Perhaps you kept your floors and windows minimal in the summer, with laminate floors and blinds? Now that the weather is changing, it’s time to layer up with some extra rugs and thick curtains. Rugs can add a touch of homeliness to any room, while thick curtains will help to keep in the heat. Thick and fluffy rugs can be a perfect choice for the winter; colour- wise, green rugs are right on trend this season. We’ve seen a lot of green cropping up lately due to interior design trends that favour an earthy and fresh look. 

Update your windows 

Triple glazed windows will do much better to keep in the heat, plus they are far more durable. If you’re on a budget and not looking to get new windows fitted, ensure that you properly maintain the windows that you have. Check your windows for drafts and use some caulk to seal any gaps that you find. Overtime, drafty windows and doors can worsen, so it’s best to stay on top of maintenance issues all year around. New windows may seem like a big investment, but you’ll  end up saving money on your energy bills. Eco-friendly improvements to the home are often cost-effective in the long-run.

On those sunny winter days, don’t forget to open your blinds and allow your rooms to soak up lots of that free sunlight. These days may be few and far between, but when they do arrive, you can heat your home naturally! 

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