Celebrate Your Birthday With A Grown-Up Party

Celebrate Your Birthday With A Grown-Up Party

We all know the excitement of a birthday party when you are a child. There is plenty of hype about it, and you probably look back on the times that you relished with your friends with a certain fondness. The fun doesn’t stop during your teenage years and your twenties either – after all, who DIDN’T have a blast on both their eighteenth birthdays and their twenty-first? However, fast forward another ten years and these kind of outlandish birthday celebrations tend to be a thing of the past. Many of us have an irrational fear of getting older and will do anything to avoid marking our age with a party or official occasion. But getting older is nothing to be ashamed about – in fact, we should celebrate it, just as many other cultures around the world do! If you’re tired of your birthdays passing you by every year and you want to something to mark your next yearly milestone, take a look at these ideas for how you can pull off a stylish celebration

Send out official invites

Create a throwback to your childhood years by sending out official party invites, rather than just a half-hearted message on Facebook. Kids who were born after the Millennium may not have even received physical invitations before, but back when you were a child, it was the only way to guarantee attendance at your party! Utilize a company such as Pure Invitation to make your own bespoke party invites for your guests. Don’t be afraid to get a little kitsch – it is a throwback, after all! Plus, your guests will appreciate the effort you have gone to, and they can keep the invites as a keepsake. That’s something you certainly can’t do with a Facebook message!

Decide on a theme

If you’re a little stuck on which direction to take your grown-up party in, a theme can be a great way to break the ice and get everyone into the party spirit. Don’t go for anything too outlandish – remember everyone has busy lives, so won’t have unlimited time or money to put into outfits, props, and gifts. However, something like a Great Gatsby theme always works out as a winner, and it gives you and your guests the chance to dress up for once (something you probably don’t do that much anymore if you’re a parent!)

Rethink your idea of party food

You probably wouldn’t think twice about putting on a spread of biscuits and party rings for your children at their birthday party – after all, they’re only going to want things that are sweet and easy to grab with one hand. For your adult guests, however, you may want to go for something a little more sophisticated. Grown-up party food is surprisingly easy to create at home, and you can even pair it with an accompanying alcoholic drink or your choice. Tacos and mimosas, for example, are a match made in heaven!

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