Dental makeovers; some myths debunked

Dental makeovers; some myths debunked

Most people are familiar with the concept of a standard makeover. You approach a spa or a make-up artist and come away with a brand new look, due to a change in makeup, hairstyle, clothing or all three! And it is easy to say that undertaking such a procedure has remarkable benefits for someone’s self-image.

But were you aware that the same thing can be done to your teeth? A dentist who is trained in performing such makeovers may be able to give you the straighter, whiter smile you have always wanted with a smile makeover Bondi Junction.

As a dental makeover is a relatively new addition to the field of cosmetic dental care, you may have read online that it is unsuitable for most people or that it is too expensive. In this article, 5 of the most common myths that surround dental makeovers are debunked.

Your teeth need to be in bad shape for a makeover

If you have ever visited a cosmetic dental site, you will undoubtedly have seen before and after photographs of patients who have undertaken procedures like veneer, braces or whitening. And, for dramatic effect, many of the before pictures are quite bad. But it isn’t that your teeth need to be in bad shape for you to qualify for a dental makeover; you may simply have a minor misalignment, some stubborn yellowing or some gaps which do not warrant the use of an extensive metal brace. And so, a makeover may be warranted to ease your aesthetic woes.


Makeovers are purely cosmetic

There are obvious benefits to someone’s self-esteem when they undertake a dental makeover. However, the treatments used are not purely cosmetic. For instance, dental implants which may be part of a makeover are a great way to restore functionality to your mouth concerning biting and chewing. Veneers can protect your teeth against sensitivity, and the use of an aligner or brace can go a long way in preventing nocturnal grinding and improving your oral health, as straighter teeth are easier to clean. 

It will take too long

The treatments that you undertake during your dental makeover will be customised to you and depending on the results you want to achieve, your dental team will recommend treatments to help you get these results as soon as possible. Therefore, it is hard to speculate on the length of your dental makeover and for a more accurate timeline relating to this treatment, you should talk to your cosmetic dental team.

Makeovers are too expensive

If you are having an extensive makeover that involves the use of veneers, whitening agents or even dental implants, you may be concerned that the entire process is too expensive for you.

However, many dental surgeries which can offer patients dental makeovers also offer financing options, so you can spread the cost of this treatment over several months.

The results won’t last

The results of a dental makeover may vary in how long they last, depending on the aftercare that you provide, your lifestyle choices and of course the treatments which were part of the makeover. For instance, dental whitening may last a few months whereas an oral implant with correct care can last 15 years or more. 


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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