Five Benefits of Using a Tutor

Five Benefits of Using a Tutor

A tutor can be an invaluable resource for any student, providing one-to-one attention and ensuring they maximise their strengths while getting tailored help with their weaknesses. Read on to discover five benefits of using a tutor.

One-to-one observation

A tutor’s experience with multiple educational levels and learning styles puts them in a strong position to implement teaching strategies that work best for individual students. By observing how a student works in a one-to-one environment, they are able to draw up personalised lesson plans. 

Retention of information

The personalised approach that tutoring offers can help students retain information that they would otherwise have trouble working with. By its very nature, learning in a crowded classroom can be confusing, ands it’s impossible for teachers to address multiple individual learning styles whilst teaching. Tutoring focuses solely on one student.

Building self-confidence

A tutor can help build strategies for success and suggest study skills that will enable a student to overcome hurdles, which will naturally help to build confidence. Having someone celebrating triumphs and offering encouragement is a brilliant motivation-booster, which often leads to an improvement in academic grades. Having the right strategies and skills in place helps students tackle projects with extra confidence.

Work with your strengths

A tutor is accomplished in recognising individual strengths. It could be that by implementing learning strategies used in strongest areas, students can improve in areas where they achieve lower grades. A tutor is able to challenge in areas that might usually be ignored, which is perfect for students struggling in particular subjects. 

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