Recipe | Quick Veg Noodles

Recipe | Quick Veg Noodles

I bought a pack of Barenaked Noodles on a bit of a whim when I was in Holland and Barrett a couple of months ago, and they have been sitting in my cupboard!  I found them this lunchtime, just as I was rummaging for something quick… (to be honest… I was looking for a Pot Noodle… and we didn’t have one…).  The packet said it would take just 3 minutes of frying, and then I could eat them straight away.  Sounded perfect!  So that’s what I did.

It was so unbelievably quick (something that is so very important when you’re time poor, like me!) and it’s a biiiiiig portion piled high on a dinner plate.  I added some soy sauce and veg, which made it up to just 137 calories.


1 bag Barenaked Noodles (16 calories)
2 tablespoons reduced salt soy sauce (18 calories)
160g veg (Tesco Micro Vegetables; peas, broccoli, spinach & sweetcorn) (103 calories)

* Fry noodles for 3 minutes
* Microwave veg for 3 minutes
* Add veg to noodles
* Add soy sauce
* Put on plate
* Eat, enjoy and feel wonderfully smug 🙂

I’m looking at other meals that are filling, tasty and under 200 calories… which will offset the amount of cake and treat recipes that I put on here!  Haha.

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