Fun Indoor Activities for all the Family

Fun Indoor Activities for all the Family

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s a good idea to have some activities to fall back on that don’t involve getting soggy or cold! Participation or physical activities are also a good way to get children away from screens. Read on for some ideas for indoor activities that involve the whole family. 


With holidays looming, it’s worth having a look at upcoming films that the whole family will enjoy. Some cinemas offer discounts if you pre-book tickets, or check out voucher sites for promotion codes and cheap tickets. 

Laser Quest

Laser Quest is an immersive experience that the entire family can enjoy. A combination of cutting-edge technology and exercise is never a bad thing; get everyone running around to race off the winter blues. Some Laser Quest venues – including my local Laser Quest Bromley – have other activities that are perfect for families to enjoy together; including virtual reality experiences, escape rooms and 5D movies.


Bowling is a great way to while away some time while having fun with your kids. It’s also an acceptable way for you to show your competitive streak! Stretch it out for a bit longer by grabbing some food afterwards, over which you can discuss all those strikes you got…

Stay at home

If you can’t bear to leave the house, there are plenty of activities you can do with your kids in your home. Grab some recycling and get crafting, or make Christmas cards and tags. Have a stack of board games on standby and learn how to play them together. Baking cakes can be messy with kids, but who can resist a teeny face covered in icing? Build a fort with the sofa cushions and spend the afternoon reading books together, or, if all else fails, grab a bag of popcorn and set up a cinema in your lounge!

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