Garden Ideas For The Summer Of 2018

Garden Ideas For The Summer Of 2018

Even though it’s only February, it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about what kind of improvements you want to make to your garden in time for the summer. While it might still be cold outside, on the days where it’s not wet you can still get out there and begin creating a perfect little haven for you and your family to relax in during the summer. Stuck for ideas? No worries, here are some fabulous garden ideas for you to look at and possibly apply to your garden for the summer of 2018.


First and foremost you should be thinking of something that’s going to work for you and your family so that you can make the most out of the space that you have. If you have young children it might be an idea to think about an area in which they can safely play without any risks of falling and hurting themselves on any concrete or sharp objects. A good idea would be to section off a particular part of your garden and leave it grassed or even soft bark that you see in public playgrounds. Whether you choose to buy any playground equipment for them or not is your choice, but putting it in their save area will allow you to relax knowing that the children aren’t going to hurt themselves.


Another idea would be to create an area in your garden that you can relax in on a deckchair. Sometimes having grassy areas all over your garden can create muddy patches when the weather isn’t so kind, so creating an area in your garden that is decked will allow you to relax knowing that your grass isn’t being turned up and mud isn’t being spread everywhere. Head over to George Hill Timber to find yourself the perfect materials for the job. They will even cut your wood to the size that you require too!


It’s always a nice idea to create an area in your garden that’s purely for show. This is often achieved by making a pretty flower bed, or adding a water fountain. Take some time to design an area for your garden that’s the right size and that will catch the eye as soon as you walk into your garden. If you want your garden to be fairly low maintenance then evergreen plants and shrubbery would be the best direction to go down as you’d not have to re-plant with each season. Remember that water fountains do require a fairly regular clean to avoid any green mould and other dirt from building up and deteriorating the look of your fountain.


Finally, if you’re still stuck for ideas you should consider adding a vegetable/fruit patch to your garden. It’s a great way to teach your children about being self sufficient and also save yourself some money on fruit and vegetables through the year! Take on these garden ideas this year and find yourself with a perfect haven for your family to relax in!

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