How Inject Your Personal Style Into Home Decor

Interior design is supposed to be fun. But more often than not, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. When you’re trying to create a design that really looks great, you don’t always know how you’re going to do it. Sometimes, the trick can be quite simple. You just need to take a step back and really work with your own personal style. If you’re someone that’s trying to find too much inspiration or take in too many different approaches and opinions, then that eclectic mix in your mind will create chaos in your interior design. So you need a new angle. And detoxing can help. Detox your life, detox your interiors. And vice versa. Think about removing the noise and really home in on your own tastes. A great way to do that is to use your personal style.

By now, you’ve probably really worked to define your own personal style. And that’s great. It can often take you years to work out what kind of clothes you like and what suits your style and body shape. But when you do, it’s a huge relief – and even a sense of achievement! So why ignore that? You’ve managed to nail your own personal style, so use it? You know what styles and trends you like, so take the equivalent and work it into your interiors. Instead of trying to imitate looks that aren’t overly you, strip it all back and inject your own sense of style.


Start With Your Color Palette


The first thing you need to do is to choose your colors. And this should come quite naturally to you. You’ll know if you’re someone that loves to stick mainly to monochrome with a little grey thrown in. Or maybe you’re all about neutrals with a side of blush? No matter what you like, you can choose your color scheme to get things underway. Be sure to pick a handful of colors that all compliment each other that you can then incorporate around your home.


Go Practical


But don’t just see this as a game. Just like you know you need to go practical with workout outfits, comfortable clothes, or just shoes that fit, you have to do the same with your home. This is something that you’ll especially want to do with your flooring. Make sure that you’re picking out something that not only suits your lifestyle, but will be a great base too.


Have Fun With The Walls


From here, you’re going to want to look to the walls and see what you can do to have some fun. Of course, you need to stick to that original color palette, but don’t be afraid to work in some personality. Wallpaper or different painting techniques can be just as fun as wearing prints or slogan tees. So have fun and see if you can really bring your style into this element of the design.


Choose Fabrics To Match


When we’re talking fabrics, you’re going to want to make sure that you choose styles that match the theme of the room. You don’t always want patterns that match, but choices that coordinate well with each other and the rest of the decor. It’s often easy to bring your style alive with curtains and soft furnishings.


Use Trends


Just like you’d buy into trends every now and again, you can do the same with your home decor. You may not be a huge trend follower, but styling out things that you’re naturally drawn to is a great way to just bringing your interiors alive. So keep an eye on the latest trends with publications, like House Beautiful, that are in the know.


Say It With Artwork


What better way to inject your own sense of style into your interiors could there be than to do it with artwork? You don’t even have to be the biggest fashion fan. But if you have an eye for the designs that you love and pictures that really speak to you, frame them. Use a service, such as Artform Living, that can do it for you. Pick out the artwork you want to showcase and add items to each room or create one giant gallery wall.


Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorize


We all know how well accessories can just finish a look, so this is definitely something you’ll want to do in your home. When your interiors are 80% done, you can accessorize. Think about the key decorative touches that will really add some personality to a room or allow you to feel more comfortable in it.


Focus On Staging


If you ever layout your outfits or play around with different looks for different occasions, then you’ll easily be able to use this tactic around the home too. Think about staging a room so that it has the look you want. Just like you’ll wear a powerful outfit for an interview or something you feel confident in for a date, you can create a certain look in your home just by staging and styling it out.


Have A Wildcard


Do you ever buy the tee or invest in the shoes that you never thought you’d pick out, just because they’re fun? Maybe you’re drawn to a particular fashion piece but you have no idea why? Well why not do this with your interiors? Make sure that you have fun decorating and you don’t get yourself too caught up in one style. Sometimes, bringing in something quirky or a decorative touch for the sole purpose of it being a talking point can be a lot of fun.


Stay True To You


Above all else, you really do have to make sure that you stick to your own sense of style. While it’s great to look into different ideas and inspiration, don’t let it sway you. If something is taking away from your own sense of style, then it may not be the right choice. So look for inspiration, but see it as that. Then use your own judgements to pick out designs that are going to really work with your own tastes.


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