It’s my due date!

It’s my due date!

How exciting! My due date is finally here…! Time has really flown by so quickly. I’ve been lucky with my pregnancy so far; I’ve had minimum discomfort, which has been a relief, and I don’t think i’ve gained too much weight (although we’ll see how I get on with losing it afterwards! I’m sure i’ll document my journey on that one too!). And i’ve really enjoyed being pregnant, which i’m so pleased about. With my back issues right at the beginning of the pregnancy, I thought that I would have some serious problems and hate being pregnant because of the pain; but that pain disappeared after a month or so, which was wonderful.

So anyway… no twinges or anything just yet. I don’t think that the baby will be here today… but you never know. I was convinced that Baby B would be on time (as neither myself, or Mr B are ever on time!) but as things are pretty quiet today, maybe I have a little bit longer to wait…

Any advice on how to speed things along? Feel free to comment below!

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