Keep Your Garden in Check This Summer

Keep Your Garden in Check This Summer

Staring out at your garden can be a bit depressing during the winter. Even if you have some hardy plants, everything can look grey and dull. So when spring and summer arrive, you can appreciate all the colours and the flourishing plants all the more. However, if you’re not careful, your garden can easily go too far the other way. Unless you’ve purposely designed a low-maintenance garden that needs hardly any care, you probably need to spend the warmer seasons keeping your garden under control. You shouldn’t need to be outside all the time, but it’s important to remember a few important jobs during the summer.

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Control Weeds


There are some plants you want to grow in your garden and some you don’t. Anything you don’t want to be there, you can count as a weed. Keeping them away can sometimes be tough, particularly when you have other plants you want to keep alive. Regularly pulling up weeds is one way to get rid of them, but it can get time-consuming if you have to do it often enough. Finding the right weed treatment is often a better route to take. You can apply them to your lawn, patio or flowerbeds to get rid of unwanted invaders.


Keep Water Features Clean


Water features make a great addition to any garden, but it’s important to look after them. In the summer, in particular, the water can heat up and encourage anything from algae to bugs. Keeping your water feature clean will help to keep the balance in your garden’s ecosystem and ensure that it stays looking good. You can find treatments for common algae like Blanket Weed from places like Swell. It’s also useful to have a filtration system, especially for larger water features like ponds. If you can filter out dirt and anything else unwanted, your water feature will stay clearer.

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Prevent Plants from Overgrowing


An overgrown garden can make your whole home look scruffy, and it might make the neighbours unhappy too. If you want to keep your garden looking neat, you have to stay on top of rapidly growing plants. This includes your lawn, which might need mowing every couple of weeks to keep the grass short. You can prune and deadhead plants to remove any parts that are dying off, as well as cut back on anything that’s getting a bit too big for its boots. While some plants are lovely, you don’t want them to take over your entire garden.


Treat for Pests


Watch out for pests of all kinds, from aphids and slugs to rabbits. As your plants begin to flourish, pests can grow in population too, and they need to eat. You can use pesticides or deterrents to get them to stay away. Some people are happy to buy them from a shop, whereas others prefer to make their own, so they know what goes into them.
Your garden can flourish in the summer, but you don’t want it to flourish too much. Take care of it to keep it looking smart.

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