KidKraft Stoneycreek Outdoor Playhouse | Review

KidKraft Stoneycreek Outdoor Playhouse | Review

My eldest is at the stage now of imaginative play, where he wants to create scenarios and role play. He loves a tea party! So when we were offered the chance to review the Stoneycreek Outdoor Playhouse, we thought this would be perfect for him!

KidKraft have been inspiring children’s imaginative play for nearly 50 years, and are constantly coming up with innovative products to keep kids entertained! The Stoneycreek Outdoor Playhouse in particular caught my eye on the website. It looked fantastic; a charming cottage-style playhouse with raised paneling, faux stone façade and chimney, and arched pane windows with a flower box!

First thing’s first though… we don’t have a garden! We live in a flat, so perhaps getting a playhouse wasn’t the smartest move in the world. Thank heavens for Grandparents who live just down the road and have a garden that could take it! So I had it delivered straight there.

Me and my Dad decided that we would put the house together ourselves; just the 2 of us. We opened the box and got all the pieces out, checked them and put them in piles. We were both pleasantly surprised by the quality. The instructions were clear and easy to understand (which is always helpful!) There were diagrams which made it simple to see which piece had to go where.

So many screws though! It seemed like hundreds! And there was a special square adapter that you had to use to screw them all in. So although there were 2 of us putting it together, only 1 of us could do it at a time. So that was a bit frustrating.

It took several hours (5!) of hard graft putting it all together. And not one argument! Me and my Dad were equally surprised by this! We just took our time and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! All of the bits were there, and fitted where they were supposed to go. If we’d of had another screwdriver/drill, we would have been twice as fast.

But the finished result was more than worth it. Oh MY gosh; it’s just so cute!

It’s such a sturdy house, with a working doorbell (nice a loud!), a mail box, play sink (the taps click as you turn them) and a hob where you turn the knob and the hob itself changes colour. Fab! My son couldn’t wait to get in (to be fair, he had been “helping” us for the afternoon too). There’s a lovely chalkboard above the door so the kids can name the house. A lovely touch! I love the cafe side too – the house comes with some play food and utensils so the kids can play at cafes!

It now has pride of place at the grandparents house, for all of the grandchildren to enjoy! I’m sure Freddie and his cousins will have hours of enjoyment in the Stoneycreek Outdoor Playhouse.

You can find out more about KidKraft products on their website. The Stoneycreek Outdoor Playhouse is available from Amazon and other good retailers.

*This product was gifted to me for review, however all opinions are my own*

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