Locational Luxury: Getting More For Your Money On Your Next Home

Locational Luxury: Getting More For Your Money On Your Next Home

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The housing market can often be a depressing thing. Even when you’ve saved for a very long time to be able to afford a home which you love, the process of securing something like this can be far more pricey than people realise, leaving them with a bad deal. Of course, though, to get to that point, you have to be able to afford a property which you like in the first place. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the impact which location can have on the type of home you can afford, giving you the chance to get as much as possible for the money you’re spending. This sort of approach is becoming easier as more people start to work for themselves and from home.

Property Prices

When you look at a city or a town, different regions in the area will be subject to different property prices. This disparity in value between different pieces of land often isn’t logical, instead being driven by the money which people are willing to spend, rather than what a place is actually worth. By looking at your local area, it should be easy to figure out where homes are the most affordable. This won’t save a huge amount of money, though, and it could be worth looking at this on a slightly broader level.

If you’re able to relocate to somewhere a little further away, you can increase the amount of money you’re going to save on your home. Neighboring towns may simply lack some of the features of your old home, making them less appealing to newcomers, but perfect for those who know the area and want to save some money. Most estate agents will be happy to explore this sort of route with you, showing you the best value properties which they have on offer. Very few people approach these professionals with this in mind.

Of course, in a lot of cases, property markets between countries are where you will see the biggest price differences. Thanks to a range of different issues, from taxation to material costs, some governments are able to keep their housing prices far lower than others. It will be worth looking for a real estate agent directory which deals with professionals who will specialise in international property sales to make this work for you, as this will ensure that you are being lead by the highest quality information, rather than having to figure it out for yourself.

Other Costs

When you’re going through the process of buying a home, the price of the building itself will only be the start of the bills you’re going to have to cover. There are loads of other transactions you need to be considering, and the options available in some areas will enable you to get a lot more for your money than others. Below, you can find some examples of this, giving you the chance to further maximise the value you get out of this process.

Lawyers: It will be very hard to manage a complex transaction like this when you don’t have any experience in the field of law, and people often make mistakes when they try to handle the paperwork which comes with their new home by themselves. While it may not be considered luxury by some, the idea of avoiding all of the boring work which comes with your property will be very important to some people, and the prices of legal professionals will always vary based on your location.

Local Services: Of course, when you’re thinking about getting the highest level of luxury out of your home, it makes sense to consider the local services which surround it. Golf courses, restaurants, and other high-end activities can cost a fortune in some places, but will be very affordable in others, and the experience you get from them will be very similar. You can use websites like TripAdvisor to get an idea of where you might find the cheapest amenities. Of course, some areas won’t even have the services you need available.

The Essentials: It’s a little bit weird to think that a sandwich or a coffee can cost vastly different amounts, depending on your location. Some cities are few more expensive for items like this than others, though, and this is something which you need to think about when you’re building a home. San Francisco is a great example of this, with wages being a little above average for the US, but the cost of living being incredibly high. Living in a poorer place can often make it easier to afford to live a life of luxury.


Getting more for you money isn’t always about skimping. Along with this, a place can often be more valuable to you when it offers better opportunities. Take your job, for example, as this is something which will remain largely unchanged as the years go by. A new place might not let you save money on your home, but it could give you the chance to push your career in the right direction, and this is something which could make it far easier to enjoy a life of enhanced luxury. You don’t need to save money when you’re making plenty of it.

This can go further than your income, though. Some businesses are simply better employers than others, and will treat their employees incredibly well compared to the competition. This is something which very few people look for when they are building their career. You can read reviews surrounding different businesses around the web, with the best and worst out of the bunch getting the most exposure. It can be surprisingly easy to make your job feel far less stressful and taxing.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of getting more for your money on your next home. A lot of people struggle with this sort of effort, finding it hard to know whether or not they’re making the right choices along the way. In reality, though, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right home if you put enough time into it.

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