Making Sure Your Kids DON’T Get Everything They Want



It’s the same old story, you want your children to have everything they want in life, but this can mean you going without. You may be racking your brains to find the best way to make money online, or develop a side hustle in addition to your full-time job, but these options aren’t particularly good for you. You may work yourself to the bone to ensure your children get everything they want but is the key actually managing their expectations?

Do Your Children Need Everything?

Because our kids go through a lot of peer pressure, having the most up-to-date and expensive item carries a level of social importance. Of course, they don’t see the impact it has on us. But, so many studies have shown that money doesn’t bring happiness, and neither does the amount of products we own. It’s a fact of life that if you work hard to give your kids everything they want, you will be working more than you will be spending time with your kids. This is something that you need to consider, but you need to think about it from the perspective of your own children. Will they be happier as a result? The solution might be in getting your children to feel happier by wanting less.

Helping Your Children Want Less

It’s a very difficult process, but there are many ways for you to help your kids think about material goods in a different way. For example, getting your children to think about if having this toy will really make them happy. And no doubt they will tell you that they will feel amazing for having it, but after buying it for them, sit down and talk with them, and find out if they are happier as a result. Another option to try would be that every time they have one new toy, one old toy needs to go to charity. This will encourage a more thoughtful and considerate child, which is no bad thing if they are used to getting what they want!

Birthdays And Christmases

If you have a child that gets what they want when they want, the shine of Christmases and birthdays can be taken off somewhat. But by only purchasing gifts for them at these important times, they will feel the benefits of getting a gift they really want, but it’s also great for you and your credit card! If you struggle financially throughout the year, it gives you the opportunity to build up your finances, work with a credit restoration company or financial professionals to fix your credit score, or take the time to make sure you are in the black. Because there are only two events, the quality of the presents can be better. And this is another thing to think about, getting your children into the mindset of quality over quantity is a very good thing!

It might sound cruel, but by making sure your kids don’t get everything they want in life isn’t making them go without the things they want, it’s going to be better for them to really appreciate what they’ve got. And when you have saved enough money, there is no harm in getting them a surprise from time to time. Not only does the show them you love them, but they will appreciate it that much more!

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