The Parental Educational Debate

The Parental Educational Debate

When you’re a parent, it can often feel like you’re putting your life on hold to concentrate on your kids. It’s true that life will never be the same again – and how can it? You have somebody else to be responsible for except for yourself; there is no way that you can live a selfish life without a detrimental affect to at least one of you. There are changes that have to be made to benefit everybody, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t go back to what you had intended to do when the time is right … especially if it was an educational route.

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How Can I Start College With A Kid?


There are so many options available which are set in place to help parents either go back to college or start from the beginning with their further education. Depending upon the institution that you apply for, you may find that there is childcare available for you to take advantage of. A variety of courses can be done as part of a distance learning educational agreement, meaning that you are essentially doing all of the work from home without really having much one-on-one contact time. This takes a certain amount of motivation for you to be able to apply yourself to do it, but it makes things a lot easier than having to travel in every day. There are still tutor appointments available, so you’re not completely left on your own.


What Do I Study?


Your career path as a parent may be very different to the one that you had chosen before you had children. There are a lot of outside influences that can affect what you want to do and how you want to do it. It doesn’t mean that the thing that you wanted to do before was wrong – you just see the world a bit more differently. While you may have thought about going down a creative route pre-kids, you may be focusing more on the technological side of learning, or putting your all into gaining a teaching degree to make a difference within children’s education. You’ve got to remember that a lot of your decisions will be based now upon shaping your child’s future rather than your own. It’s a selfless act and one that deserves the utmost praise.

How Can I Afford It?

Depending on where the in the world you are applying, there may be some bursaries and grants available to you, both as a mature student and as a parent. To get help with university costs, you must apply for it – it doesn’t just magically appear in front of you. There are certain forms that you will have to fill out which will be able to assess you on how much you will be able to receive. If you are living at home with parents and no children, for example, the amount loaned out to you will be a lot lower than if you were a single parent, living alone. The finance companies take every little detail into account and so it’s important that you are truthful and declare everything that you need to in order to get what you’re entitled to. You may find that there are amounts of money awarded to you that you don’t need to pay back as a sort of ‘golden hello’ head start.


What Changes Do I Need To Make?


If you’re not a very organised person, it’s time to start getting your stuff together. Learning whilst you have children is hard; you have to put their needs first a lot of the time and then focus on yourself. When you finally get round to being able to put your all into it, when there are no distractions, it can offer be too tiring to want to carry on. You need to motivate yourself and get everything that you need to do planned out – even if it’s just the meals for the week written down. Being able to see everything set out in front of you is the key to success when you’re tackling further education. Make sure that you have everything that you need before the course starts; all of the stationery, reading materials, course guides and notes and anything else you can think of. Obviously there will be some things that come along that you will have to invest in during the middle of your academics, but cross that bridge when you come to it.

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What About My Homelife?


Stuff is about to change, but as long as you have a good support system around you, there’s no need to panic about your homelife. Things can and will keep ticking over, and you’ve got to remember that this isn’t for the long term – depending on your course length, you will be in university a couple of years at most. Degrees such as medicine, dentistry and architecture will take more time to complete, but this is something entirely different to take into consideration; a lot of people who choose to do the longer courses do so when their children are older and aren’t requiring as much of their attention. If your friends and family aren’t aware of how much time you need to dedicate to your degree, sit them down and just explain to them that you’ll need some extra help along the way. Often it’s a misunderstanding of people going to university to ‘take a break’ that sees people expecting more of you. Even if you have more ‘free time’ (you possibly won’t be in university the same amount of hours that you would be sat in the office in a full time job), you need to remind yourself and others that this is going to be an intense couple of years.


What Can I Expect From It All?


It can be quite disheartening to get through college and not have anything waiting for you at the end of it – but this is the case for so many people. Don’t put all of your expectations into getting the best job in the world, nor the highest-paying. You need to do it for your own self-satisfaction rather than the approval of others, and this goes for jobs too. When you graduate, you are a graduate – and this set of people have to work their way up to the top no matter what age they are or how many children they have had. It’s all about experience, and there is no degree in the world that will be able to give you the years that you need for certain roles. It’s good to focus on the fact that others shouldn’t be expecting too much from you, either. As long as you are going and furthering your studies for what you believe to be right, there shouldn’t be any assumption that you are going to use it for financial benefit. It may be that what you’re choosing to do is just a precursor to bigger and better things as time goes on; that the route that you have chosen is one that you know to put off for a bit to be able to spend some more time with your children as they grow. Whichever choice you decide to make, you will know that it is definitely the right one, even if you have to spend a few months going through it to fully make up your mind. Furthering your education is furthering yourself, and not just for you – but for your children, too.

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