Period subscription boxes – are they worth it?

Period subscription boxes – are they worth it?

I do love a subscription box (in fact, I’ve created my own website dedicated to them!) But you must choose wisely! It can become an expensive habit!

One thing I do need month in, month out, is period supplies. Whether it’s pads, or tampons, I need to make sure I’m well stocked up! There are lots of different period boxes out there… here’s a run down of just some of them!


Let’s start with my personal favourite – TOTM! Organic cotton tampons, pads, liners & zero-waste menstrual cups, delivered to your door. You can get up to 10% off every order & FREE shipping when you subscribe to hassle-free deliveries. Edit, pause, or cancel at any time


Callaly put together the amazing boxes! But not only that, it is also the inventor of a brand-new period product – the tampliner! It’s a combination of a tampon and a liner (hence the name!) and was invented by a gynaecologist. You can choose a monthly subscription box that contains a combination of tampliners, tampons and liners, or you can opt to build your own. Prices start at £7.30.


BaeBoxx recognises the need for chocolate and treats, making it a winner in our eyes! Its boxes contain 12 sanitary pads and/or tampons, as well as sweet treats, pamper products, care products, and relaxing teas. A rolling monthly subscription costs £10.99 per box, or you can buy a 3-month subscription for £30.


Flux costs from just £3.50 a month, and donates a portion of its profits to women’s charities across the world. Tell Flux how long your period lasts, and it will make sure that each month you get the right combination of big brand pads, tampons and liners, exactly when you need them. Amazing!

Hey Girls

Hey Girls period pad subscription boxes start at just £9.75 a month. You get a surprise gift with every delivery, and P&P is always free! Choose from their wide selection of pads, including a nighttime range too. Each delivery incudes a surprise gift, and postage and packing is free.

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