I’m always looking for ways to make my life just that little bit easier.  One of the chores I hate the most is vacuuming.  So when I heard about the Pilot Max, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it…

I’ve been intrigued by robot vacuum cleaners for some time now.  I’m always attracted to new technology (and any way possible to reduce the amount of housework that I have to do!)  I have the general philosophy that life is too short for housework!

So being able to test out a robot vacuum cleaner from AirCraft Vacuums was music to my ears!  Enjoy the Pilot Max review…

Unlike most vacuum robots, Pilot Max uses ultrasonic sensors to stop just short of touching walls and obstacles, meaning your skirting boards will stay pristine.  The extra long Side Brush takes care of the dust and dirt that inevitably collects in corners and alongside walls, and ledge sensors on the underside of Pilot Max mean it will never fall down stairs.Pilot Max

Normal vacuum cleaners have one brushbar; the Pilot Max robot vacuum has twin rotating beater bars!  It has both a traditional fibre brush bar and a rubber brush bar.  These work in opposite directions to each other, grabbing every speck of dust, hair and debris on all types of floor surfaces, leaving them as clean as if you’d vacuumed them yourself.

One of the cool features of the Pilot Max is that you can set it to clean every day!  Use the remote control to set the built-in scheduler, and it will automatically clean your floors on the days to suit you.

It is super clever too; it knows when it needs charging, and will automatically return home to the charging dock.

It is very easy to empty – the tray comes out with one click, and you just tip it out into the bin.  Replace the tray with a click and it’s ready to get back to work!

If you have any steps in the house, you obviously will have to pick the Pilot Max up and take it up the step to the next floor.  Same if you have any stair gates; it will need a little extra help.

My little boy is slightly confused by it; he points at the Pilot Max and says “hoover” (that’s what everyone calls vacuum cleaners, right??  Damn brand power…) and runs away when it comes near him!  That’s a good thing though in some respects, as I don’t want him getting too friendly with the household help! 😉

I love this vacuum.  It means that I can eliminate one of the most boring tasks yet still know that it’s being done thoroughly.  It picks up so much, and is super efficient.  It actually made me feel a little bit shameful that our floor had so much dirt on it!  Eek!

Now all I need is a machine to do the stairs too…!

You can buy the Pilot Max from Amazon.  And be sure to check out the AirCraft Vacuums website too for more great products.

*We were kindly sent the Pilot Max to review, however all views are my own!*



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