Planning A Wedding For A Friend

Planning A Wedding For A Friend

Nowadays a lot of brides cannot afford wedding planning services, and so they enlist the assistance of their friend. There are also those that would prefer to have someone they know to handle all wedding matters. If this has fallen on your shoulders, read on…


Even if you have dealt with many weddings, wedding planner issues can quickly become chaotic if you keep everything in your head. Knowing common wedding planner issues will help you to stay in control on the day that your friend needs you the most.

Check in with the bride first

One of the first things you should do when you arrive at a wedding venue is to check in with the bride. Make sure they know that they can always come to you with problems. As a BFF/wedding planner, both the bride and groom should be able to approach you with problems.


Setting up all the decorations for a wedding is another important issue that wedding planners should deal with. There are two main types of decorations used at most weddings:


  1.   Décor
  2.   Flowers

Do not postpone setting up decorations because you might get wrapped in other duties. This one of the first things you should deal with once you arrive at a wedding venue.

Check in with vendors

Set up brief meetings with each wedding vendor. Introduce yourself to all the wedding vendors and inform them where they should set up. In addition, answer all questions they have concerning the wedding and inform them that they can always approach you when they have problems. Be cooperative as possible when working with all vendors, regardless of whether you have worked with them before or not. However, be more cooperative with vendors that you have not worked with before. New vendors may be on their guard, especially if they know you’re a wedding planner for the day and not full-time.



You should have organised transport for the wedding party. Look into the Mercedes-Benz chauffeur programme if you would like some assistance with this. This is a classy and elegant vehicle that is bound to impress.


The responsibility of rounding up everyone attending a wedding for pictures falls on your shoulders. Find out what sort of photos the bride wants, i.e. natural or staged shots.


Wedding direction

Make sure everything flows smoothly before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. Everyone involved in the wedding ceremony should know what he or she is supposed to do. Direct flower girls and bridesmaids to go in once the music starts.

Reception direction

The wedding planner oversees some of the activities undertaken during a wedding reception. Work closely with the caterer to ensure all food preparation issues are handled on time. Help to get the party started by making sure the DJ is playing all the songs that the bride had included on the playlist.

Clean up

You should also help to ensure all items get back to the place they are meant to, in the condition they are meant to. The last thing you want to do is suffer a fine from the company for failing to do so!

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