Post Pregnancy Superheroes!

Post Pregnancy Superheroes!

Now that I’m 6 weeks post-partum, I wanted to share with you some of my superheroes that have made the last 6 weeks post pregnancy a bit easier!

MATERNITY TROUSERSmaternity post pregnancy superhero
A very small percentage of people actually snap back into their pre-pregnancy clothes straight away.  Maternity clothes for me are definite superheroes after you’ve had a baby!  It’s all about comfort… particularly if you have had a c-section and are feeling very tender.  You need loose clothing for sure.

My palazzo trousers from Bump It Up (which were such a hit with me during pregnancy) still work their magic!  I wore them so much when I was pregnant, and so they have been washed many many times – they still look great!  They’re just the right length for me too, which is a miracle (i’m a little on the short side!  Ha!)


Washing your hair on a regular basis with a newborn?  Forget about it!  There are lots of brands on the market, but Batiste is still number one for me.  A quick spray on the roots and I feel vaguely human again!  There are lots of lovely fragrances now too, as well as different colours so that you don’t end up with that white powdery crown that you used to get.  Fabulous.


PERFECT PREPperfect prep post pregnancy superhero
It was a wonder with my first born and it’s become a staple once more.  A perfect temperature bottle in under 2 minutes; you can’t ask for much better than that (when you have a screaming newborn you just need that bottle ready NOW!)  For the night feeds, it’s a godsend (although the BEEP BEEP BEEP is rather loud at 3am!)

*UPDATE – it seems that the BEEP BEEP isn’t as loud on the newer models as it is on my old one.  So it won’t be as irritating at silly o clock at night!

And it’s actually fairly reasonably priced these days (just £49.99 on Amazon at the moment!)


A bit of a strange one, but after my c-section I had terrible trapped wind (not surprising, seeing as my insides had literally been outside of my body, and then stuffed back in!).  The pain of which referred up to my shoulder.  Ouch!  I had the same with my first born too.  So this time, I was prepared!  Peppermint oil is great for digestive health, and Peppermint Tablets  are recommended for trapped wind.  And they really do work!

What did you find helped you post pregnancy?  Comment below and let me know!

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