Review | Mr Tumble Lights and Sounds

Review | Mr Tumble Lights and Sounds

Who doesn’t love Mr Tumble?  He is hugely popular in millions of households throughout the country, so it’s no surprise that there are a range of toys available to delight a wide range of children.
Mr Tumble Lights & Sounds is great!  First of all, he is so soft and cuddly!  Baby B wanted to cuddle him straight away.  He’s a great size for a 2 year old.

Squeeze his hand and his bow tie lights up!  He also says lots of different phrases that fans of the show will no doubt recognise.  “Hello! How are you?” “I’m Mr Tumble!” etc etc.  All in Mr Tumble’s actual voice, which is great.

His outfit is classic Mr Tumble, and it has a variety of different textured fabrics for children to explore, providing plenty of visual stimulation.

And no Mr Tumble is complete without his iconic spotty bag!  You can open the bag too, but it’s a little small to actually put anything in.

My son loved this toy – he is very familiar with Mr Tumble (although he does call him “Bumble”… ha!)  It’s great that it’s so soft for the little ones to play with, and the light up bow tie makes it an even more sensory delight.  It didn’t take long for Mr Tumble to be getting involved with his other soft toys.

Ooh, and he also comes with batteries, which is very handy!  I have a drawer full of various batteries, but it’s nice to know that we will at least have a couple of weeks of play out of this before I have to rummage through that drawer!

This would make a great gift for any Mr Tumble fan!  And it’s not irritating for us parents either, which is a bonus!

I do have a bit of a  soft spot for Mr Tumble though… it makes my heart melt when I see how happy he makes Baby B!  He seems to have a special smile (and increased attention span!) when it comes to Mr Tumble!  Haha.

You can purchase Mr Tumble Lights & Sounds here

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