How to save money without even thinking about it

How to save money without even thinking about it

I’ve always found saving cash quite tricky.  I start off with good intentions, but I find it hard to commit to a set amount each month.  I saw an advert on Facebook for Plum and thought it sounded like an interesting way to save.  I’ve got 3 hen dos coming up in the next 12 months, so I need to get saving!

Plum makes things super easy.

Firstly, you link your bank account – Plum then analyses your transactions every day. It learns about your income, expenses and spending patterns and uses this knowledge to calculate how much to save.  Then, every week, Plum will transfer a small amount of money into your Plum savings, ready for you to access anytime.  It’s so easy!  You don’t even really notice the money leaving your account… but if you find that too much is leaving your account, you can change the amount at any time.  And it’s all done through Facebook messenger!

And your money is 100% safe – your Plum savings are held as e-Money at Barclays.

Simple, stress-free savings.

Why not give it a go?

Click here to sign up to Plum and start effortlessly saving

I’ve been using my savings to dip my toe into the world of investments too!

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