Stay at home in the warm and go online!

Stay at home in the warm and go online!

At this time of year the weather can be pretty unpredictable.  No-one likes being out in the cold, so if I can find ways to entertain myself at home, I absolutely will do it.  I can while away the hours online, flitting from one website to another (it was easier before I had kids, admittedly!)

Here are some of my favourite ways to take a bit of a breather online!

Playing Games Online
I do love gaming, and – although I don’t do as much of it as I used to – there’s something so therapeutic for me to play games online. I can easily spend a couple of hours clicking through and playing!  And if you can win a little cash along the way, then that’s even better, isn’t it?

Read some blogs
There are lots of fantastic blogs out there covering a range of topics.  There literally is something for everyone.  Want to know how to make your own advent calendar or where’s the best place to get cake in South London? You can find all sorts!

Do an online course
With 1000s of courses available online, it’s a great chance to broaden your horizons and learn something new.  I’ve done a number of courses online ranging from Social Media Management (I then started my own business!) and children’s nutrition.

Enter competitions
We all love to win and there are new competitions being launched every day.  Someone has to win – why not you?

With Christmas just around the corner, why not take advantage of the early sales and do some online shopping?  There are plenty of bargains to be had already (remember when the sales used to start on Boxing Day??  Not anymore!)

Make money online
There are plenty of ways to make extra money online – from online surveys, to affiliate programmes and much more.

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