The 7 Essentials Of Your Mood-Boosting Autumnal Look

The 7 Essentials Of Your Mood-Boosting Autumnal Look

It looks like we’re going to spend the next few months indoors. While there is no talk of a second national lockdown wave, strict self-isolation and social distancing measures are the only way to make the pandemic more manageable. 

Self-isolation in March had the advantage that we could enjoy the changes in light as the days were getting longer. In October, it’s the reverse phenomenon. Days are getting shorter, greyer, and somehow it’s hard to get excited about anything. Welcome to the winter blues! You know the drill: get plenty of vitamin D to avoid seasonal affective disorder. There’s something else that will make the seasonal changes more enjoyable when you’re working from home: casual autumn essentials to keep you warm and stylish. Why do they make a difference? Because they inject some much-needed excitement and comfort. 

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A collection of masks

Even if you’re working from home, you will need to keep a few face masks ready for short trips. Whether you’re driving the kids to school or buying your groceries, having a few face masks to choose from can keep you safe and stylish. Ideally you want to have enough masks so you can rotate them on wash days. It can be fun to opt for seasonal patterns and colours that will make you feel pulled together. After all, as masks are part of our everyday outfit for the foreseeable future, let’s make the most of it by keeping them fun! A little playfulness can go a long way. 

All eyes on your eyes

Working from home changes your approach to make-up and hairstyling. What is the point of doing more when less is enough? Besides, most home-based professionals have developed a mask-conscious beauty routine. To avoid smearing your foundation or lipstick on the inside of the mask, it’s best to go for a natural look. Nobody has time to remove their make-up after a Zoom call before heading to the shop. But that doesn’t mean you can’t draw the attention. Feeling pulled together when you’re wearing a mask can be tricky. But you can use your eyes to do all the work. An elegant pair of glasses – is a good address for designer’s brands – can add personality to your face, even if you’re wearing personal protection. If you don’t need glasses, you can enhance your eyes with smart touches. A few strategic lines can make your eyes appear bigger. Combine with a brow kit to steal envious looks on your daily errands. This autumn, natural, thick brows are there to steal the show and boost your mood. 

Big boots to walk in those puddles

Who says that you don’t need shoes when you’re working from home? You’ll find yourself running more errands now than you did in the workplace. It’s because home is where our local community is. You stay at home, and you can shop around, take a casual stroll in the streets around lunchtime, or walk the kids to school every morning. Home-based professionals tend to build a closer connection to their neighbourhood, and to do so, you need shoes that keep you warm and dry. This autumn, the chunky boots and combat designs are the perfect addition to your style. They wear no puddles, and they make you feel dynamic at all times! 

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The cardi is going nowhere

There’s no need to throw your favourite t-shirts at the back of the wardrobe. Pair them with a cardigan, and you’re ready to upgrade your summer look for the winter. The cardigan is becoming a staple of the seasonal fashion. It’s a smart addition to your everyday outfits, as it can add a pop of colour and comfort. Professional Zoom meetings will love a chunky vintage style that injects some personality. If you prefer something more casual, pastel hues and knitted sets can elevate your loungewear. There’s also something profoundly comforting about the cardigan. It feels like a warm embrace. 

Grab your loungewear while it last

In case, you’ve missed the memo; loungewear is here to stay. If you haven’t bought your leisurewear outfit at the start of the pandemic, you need to add some to your online basket quickly. Indeed, the UK is likely to face a shortage of loungewear outfits as per, as more and more people are working from home. Cosy and elegant kits can make you feel pulled together, without compromising on comfort. For parents who need to drive and pick up the kids during school days, modern loungewear is the ideal solution. It works on Zoom, and it works in front of your child’s school teacher too. 

Oversized and hard-working jumpers

There are days when all you need is to be wrapped in a large blanket. Yet, the burrito blanket look may not be the best on webcam. On the other hand, an oversized jumper is a hard-working piece of your autumn/winter wardrobe. It’s the perfect piece to throw on top of a pair of leggings when you accidentally overslept and don’t have time to get ready. Add a pair of chunky boots, and you’ve got your daytime outfit for errands and grocery shopping. They’re also perfect for piling up layers underneath when the weather gets chilly. Seasonal hues include pistachio green and lavender, but you can also find classic argyle patterns that’ll keep for years! 

The bodysuit is coming back with a revenge

If you remember the late 1980s and 1990s, the bodysuit was a staple of the daywear outfit. Combined with a pair of jeans and a chunky belt, and tada, they were iconic of a generation. But this winter, bodysuits are coming back to celebrate minimalist shapes, movement, simplicity. High street shops have started a collection of warm, cashmere bodysuits that keep you warm and elegant at your desk. Add a cardigan and a midi skirt, and you can feel pretty for the day without the hassle of wearing restrictive office wear. It’s a feel-good sensation all over, and some days, that is exactly what you need. 

Let’s face it; we’re likely to head back to our home offices soon. But you’d be surprised by how much difference a few seasonal pieces can make to your wardrobe. It is a simple way to inject joy to your daily routine while making it functional and superbly cosy. And when you’re stuck at home fighting both covid anxiety and SAD, getting excited about your new cardigan or loungewear can give you the boost you need! 

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