What can a family solicitor help with?

What can a family solicitor help with?

Going through personal family issues can be a very sad and stressful time, and this is why it can be really helpful for you to get legal help and advice from family solicitors Portsmouth. They will be able to help relieve pressure on you by handling the legal side of things, and simply be there for legal advice as and when you need it. 

Divorce and separation

When you’re in a divorce, and are struggling to come to an agreement with your ex-partner, this is when a solicitor can be helpful. If both you and your ex-partner have solicitors, this can make the process a lot easier as they can do all the communicating so you don’t have to. They are also able to help you with things from creating and filling out any documents that are needed, to representing you in court. 

Financial arrangements

It can be a really worrying and stressful time if you are going through a divorce, civil dissolution or formally separating from your ex-partner, especially when there are finances involved. Sometimes it’s difficult for both parties to easily agree about how any money and assets are split, and this when a solicitor can really help you out. They are able to give you legal advice throughout the whole process, and help you fill out all of the relevant documents and provide information that is needed to build a strong case. They will also be able to communicate with your ex-partners solicitor and try to come up with an agreement that you can agree to before going to court. As mentioned above, if you really can’t agree and do need to go to court, your solicitor will be able to represent you. 


If you are someone who is thinking of leaving their spouse and wants advice on arrangements for your children, a grandparent who wants to see their grandchild, or are being kept from seeing your child for unjust reasons, then it could be beneficial to seek legal advice from a family solicitor. These situations can be real whirlwinds, so getting help from someone who knows the laws surrounding them can be very good for you and your family. Family solicitors are also able to help you with things such as changing your child’s surname, disputes over schooling and applications for moving your child out of the country. 

Arrangements before marriage

Sometimes, it can be good to seek legal advice from a solicitor before marriage if there are certain arrangements you want to make. The solicitor will be able to help write up documents to make the arrangements legally binding, so that if the marriage takes a turn for the worse, you are protected. An example of these arrangements would be a prenuptial agreement, which sets out who owns what in terms of money and assets before the marriage commences, and your solicitor will be able to help you create this. 


Purchasing a home with someone is a big deal, and could be the biggest financial transaction you ever make, so it is important to get legal advice from a solicitor first. Unfortunately, cohabitants don’t get similar rights to married couples if the relationship breaks down, so it’s important to protect you and your money before making the purchase. Your solicitor will be able to help you put all the details about who owns how much of the property into writing so that if the relationship does break down, the process of dividing everything will be a lot smoother. 

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