6 Healthy And Easy Dessert Ideas You Can Serve The Kids

6 Healthy And Easy Dessert Ideas You Can Serve The Kids

Racking your brain every night for a dessert which is scrumptious, but not too unhealthy for the little ones? Believe it or not, there’s sweet treats from all over the world which taste amazing and are nutritious at the same time. It’s not all chocolate and hyperactive sweeteners! Here are six desserts you can try at home.

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Tropical Fruit Ice Cream

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It can’t be stressed enough about how children need to eat healthier, even if it means sneaking an extra fruit or veg into their meals! This dessert acts as the perfect, refreshing treat for a summer’s day. Use fruit such as frozen berries and mango, then serve it as a fruit salad. To make ice cream, mix the fruit into a blender, add milk or cream with some sugar and serve while still cold.


Orange Cheesecake

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A no-bake, scrummy dessert that the kids will be asking for every night! Crush biscuits with sugar and butter to create the base, use cream cheese for the filling, then orange marmalade for the top. Complete it by layering some fresh oranges in the marmalade. Check out this full recipe to get baking! Instead of orange, you can also try using other citrus fruits like lemon and lime; the tangy taste mixed with the sweet biscuit makes anyone’s mouth drool.


Almond Sponge Cake

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This mouthwatering dessert calls for only a short amount of ingredients including almonds, plain flour, caster sugar, butter and vanilla extract. Try adding some Canadian maple syrup or a dollop of whip cream for a sweet boost! In this dish, almonds are rich in protein and are used in a subtle way to create a healthier treat for the kids.



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Ideal for those lazy days when you don’t feel like cooking. Making rice pudding couldn’t have gotten easier! Simply cook long grain rice, semi-skimmed milk and a couple of tablespoons of sugar all together in a pan, then voila! You have creamy and healthy rice pudding. Serve cold or warm with toppings such as raisins, fruit or jam. For an even healthier dish, use brown rice and cinnamon.


Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies

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An awesome dessert that the whole family can enjoy making together. Follow an easy recipe from the web to bake the perfect cookies. Once they’ve been made, allow to cool and let the little ones tuck in! If your child isn’t a fan of raisins, it can be substituted with any other dry fruit or simply left out.


Banana Peanut Butter Muffins

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Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds! Two luscious ingredients baked together to create a muffin which is jam-packed with protein and potassium. This is just one of many healthy snacks for kids. If your child love bananas, you could also try making a yummy banana loaf which can be made with pecans or almonds.


Hopefully, this has given you some fresh ideas on providing the kids with healthy desserts. These dishes are not only introducing them to new flavours but providing a tasty, all-rounded diet. Enjoy!

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