Backyard Cinema | Mission to Mars

Backyard Cinema | Mission to Mars

I am a HUGE fan of Backyard Cinema, as you all know! I’ve been to the beaches of Miami, and I’ve braved the chilly Snow Kingdom. And now? Now it’s time to journey into SPACE!

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Backyard Cinema, allow me to explain. Backyard Cinema is a theatrical cinema experience that totally immerses you in the theme. This is not your average cinema, that’s for sure! Who wants to sit on uncomfy seats in a boring old cinema when you could be sipping cocktails and nibbling on gourmet snacks from the comfort of your very own beanbag chair?? Themes in the past have included Miami Beach and Snow Kingdom, and I’m super excited to see what Mission to Mars has in store for us!

Some of the films on offer are absolute classics, and fit in marvellously with the theme! Independence Day, Armageddon, Star Wars, The Martian, E.T and Blade Runner to name just a few! Check out the full listings (and book tickets!) here.

We’ve been promised that Mission to Mars will make our cosmic dreams come true, with star gazing, bespoke cocktails from the space bar, and intergalactic experience! Can’t wait!

Here’s a teaser below…

The official launch is 21st March – i’ll be attending a special preview on the 20th, and will be Insta-storying on the night! So join me on Instagram on the 20th for a sneak preview!

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