Buying in bulk; is it much cheaper?

Does anyone take advantage of buying products in bulk?  I recently purchased 12 packs of Johnsons Baby Wipes from Amazon – just thought that if I stocked up, it would be cheaper??

Does anyone have any good tips when it comes to websites for bargain-hunting mums?? One tip I can pass on is using cashback websites, such as Quidco. Quidco is the UK’s leading cashback platform, helping over 4 million members earn cashback on their shopping. Generous commissions, with superfast payment. This one is my favourite, and my go-to before I do any shopping online (they also have a great in-store cashback selection, which includes Shoe Zone, TM Lewin , Moss Bros, Debenhams and JD Sports) – so you can shop in store using a registered bank card, and get cashback without even thinking about it!). I’ve earned over £1400 in cashback since I started using the site 5 years ago.

Any more tips out there?

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