Competition | Mr Lee’s Noodles

Competition | Mr Lee’s Noodles

Forget what you think you know about noodles in a pot…

Mr Lee’s Noodles are different; they use freeze-dried ingredients (instead of most of their competitors who use dehydrated) which locks more of the goodness in.  They are also certified gluten-free by Coeliac UK, with absolutely no nasties.  They’re low in salt, low in sugar, low in saturated fat and low in calories.  Virtuous rice noodles!

6 delicious flavours are available:

Hong Kong Street Beefvibrant noodles with tender beef, chilli, ginger, a pinch of star anise and just a touch of orange peel

Shaolin Monk Vegetables harmonious vegetarian noodles with broccoli, red peppers, green beans and cauliflower

Dragon Fire Mushroomblazing hot noodles with mushroom, paprika, chilli and Chinese five spice

Warrior Fighting Shrimpkick-ass hot noodles with shrimp, paprika, chilli and seaweed

Tai Chi Chickensoul-warming noodle soup with tender chicken, ginger, green beans and corn

Penang Chicken Curry Laksafragrant noodles with tender chicken, coconut cream, chilli and ginger

My favourite has to be the Hong Kong Street Beef – a lovely warming kick from the ginger and chilli!

They are great to have in when you’re having one of those “oh I don’t know what to eat” or “there isn’t anything in!” moments.  Sometimes, as a busy parent, you do forget to eat and you’re just after something quick; all too often, you reach for the biscuit tin for something to just keeping you going until baby wakes up from his nap!  If you have some Mr Lee’s Noodle pots in your cupboard, you’ll not go hungry again!  You have healthy and delicious fast food ready and waiting for you – just add hot water, and off you go!


You can win a selection pack of Mr Lee’s Noodles!  2 lucky winners will get 6 pots of delicious noodles!  You can choose any of the flavours from the range.  This great prize can be yours; just enter via the Rafflecopter below:

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T&C’s can be found here


*thanks to Mr Lee’s Noodles for supplying this great prize*

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