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Both beginner and master bakers alike can make the seemingly impossible possible with this year’s must-have trend of gravity defying cakes. They may seem complicated to create, but they really are quite simple…

Do you ever feel that your cakes lack the “wow” factor?  Or do you find yourself creating the same cakes again and again?  Why not inject a bit of magic into your cakes and create a gravity cake??

This great new book features 45 amazing gravity cakes, that are sure to impress your friends/children/just about everyone!  Expect lots of cries of “wow – how did you do that??”  Never reveal your secrets, though…!

Gravity Cakes shows that creating one of these wonderful cakes is much simpler than is seems.  No expensive equipment is needed; an inexpensive balloon stick is all you need!

With easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for every one of the 45 projects, even beginners will be able to create a stunning masterpiece that will wow friends and family.

Authors Jakki and Francesca grew up just two streets apart in a small suburb of Manchester and have been best friends their entire lives. The inspiration for this book is their friendship; they’ve embraced the book as an opportunity to keep the ties of their friendship strong despite living so far apart since Francesca now resides in Louisiana.

Why not try making a Gravity Cake?  Let me know how you get on!

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  1. Banana cake with cream cheese frosting! I just made one today!!!! Kids don’t like it…more for me!

  2. I adore orange, almond and rhubarb cake. Or any chocolate and nut combo. So pleased the rhubarb season is upon us again.

  3. obviously chocolate being a self confessed chocaholoic, but i also really love battenberg because i love the taste of almonds and almond icing (on battenberg)

  4. Any type of chocolate cake is my favourite but I love to look at the unicorn rainbow cakes, they are amazing. So are these gravity cakes, I will have a go at making one for my son’s birthday soon

  5. I had the best cake i ever had in a cafe recently. It was pistachio and rose flavour. Bright green on the inside with pink icing. So pretty and so so yummy!

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