Ideas on How to Express Yourself at Home

Ideas on How to Express Yourself at Home

Everyone ones to likes to feel that they are living in a space which they can identify as their own. Some see their home as if it were an extension of themselves, something they can use to express their personality, a blank canvas to imprint something personal. A home is a sanctuary away from the world.  Many people need it to engender a sense of their kind of calm. Fortunately, there are many ways to put your stamp on your home, and not all have to break the bank. 

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Install solar panels
Perhaps you are concerned with being eco-friendly, or maybe you just want to save money in the long run, or both. Either way, having solar panels fitted to your roof is a great add-on. Even on cloudy days the solar panels still generate energy. These days solar panels are of such good quality they can last for about forty years, so they are well worth the investment.

Wake things up with colour

Are you fed up with the same four walls staring back at you day after day? Well, why not brighten things up with a lick of paint. You could go a little wild with four different colours on the walls in one room, or if that’s a little too wild, why not try two colours instead. You could also invest in some stencils and have a beautiful wall decal painted on. This can bring some much-needed life to a bland wall. The great thing with paint is that as soon as you get bored, you can upgrade again. Your house can continuously evolve as you do. There is nothing to stop you.

Build an extension or patio area

After you have gone through the rules and regulations of building an extension, you are going to want the new walls and partitions to match the existing house. Do you have a home built with old sandstone or cobblestone, for example? Well, it may be an idea to think about having some reclaimed bricks and yorkstone brought in for your property. Keeping the aesthetics in line with the original work will ensure that authentic look, and make it difficult for newcomers to your home to know where the old part of the house ends and the new section begins.  

Open up your home

It may be an idea to bring down any inconveniently placed, non-structural walls and open up that kitchen diner for example. Larger rooms make the home feel less cluttered, which can affect your mental health positively. If you can’t open up rooms, perhaps you can strategically place mirrors to spread natural light throughout the house and brighten the atmosphere from something possibly dingy before. 

Convert your loft

Why not turn that loft into a third bedroom, or an office, or another living space. Most lofts are little more than storage areas, and the home could be much better off with this converted rather than going for an extension. It is a cheaper alternative, and you do not require planning permission. A loft conversion allows more light into the home, and they add value to your property.   

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