Unusual Ideas For A Comfortable Bedroom

Unusual Ideas For A Comfortable Bedroom

Creating a comfortable bedroom should help you to sleep better at night. There’s no better feeling than crawling into bed after a particularly long and trying day, and it feels even better if you absolutely love your bedroom and the environment you sleep in. However, you don’t want your bedroom to look like every single other bedroom out there, do you? You want your bedroom to be as unique as you are. Here are some unusual ideas for a comfortable bedroom:


DIY Bed Frame

Why not set yourself a project to create a DIY bed frame? You can easily do this with some old wooden pallets, and you’ll add a super rustic look to your bedroom. Not only do you get to save money on a fancy bed frame, you get the satisfaction of having made your own, really simply and affordably. Check out some tutorials online to help you and see how you can go about it.



Put Curtains Around The Bed

If you want your bed to feel super secluded, you could always put curtains around your bed. This is something they used to do years ago, so it can give a very traditional, vintage feel to your bedroom. It works well if your bed is in a closed off corner of the room. If it isn’t, you could try a canopy. You can even create your own makeshift canopy if you’re up for the project.  


Make The Most Of The View

Have a great view outside of your bedroom? You shouldn’t let it go to waste! Figure out ways you can make the most of it. You may look into getting a better window so you can see the view at all times, or even better window dressings. You might look into getting a skylight. There are lots of options out there that could help you to enjoy the view outside more. Imagine how amazing it will feel on a winter’s day to be tucked up all cosy in bed and able to enjoy the snow or frost on the leaves and ground outside?


Add A Furry Wall

If you really want to add some cosy texture to your bedroom, consider adding a furry wall. It might sound strange, but they can really perk up your room, add warmth, and stop it from looking dull. It’s a great feature wall to consider if your main priority is to create a feeling of comfort. Companies like Guy Phoenix specialise in creating this type of luxurious effect for customers – you could present them with anything you have in mind and have it created for your bespoke.


Display Your Books

Something that really scream comfort is having a lot of books nearby. Snuggling up with a hot drink and a good book is a great feeling! Add a bookshelf to your bedroom, or really emphasize your books and have a mini library display. You can do this with lots of shelves, creating the same sort of effect you’d get at a large library – just make sure you can reach for your favorites.


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