5 Great Ways to Celebrate a Pet’s Birthday

5 Great Ways to Celebrate a Pet’s Birthday

Dogs, cats, and other furry friends aren’t just a great source of household entertainment. Your pet is a member of your family – one that you love and respect just like anyone else in your home. While some people think that throwing their four-legged friends their own birthday party is a little weird, others see it as an opportunity to have fun with one of their best friends! 

If you’re the kind of person who’s proud to be a dedicated cat or dog parent, then it could be time to start thinking about some of the amazing ways that you can celebrate your little rascal’s birthday. Here are some top tips to get you started.  

  1. Give Them Their Favourite Meal 

Celebrating your dog or cat’s birthday can be as simple as just making sure that they get the food or treats that they enjoy the most on that special day. Most of us know that our pets have a fondness for a specific food that we can’t necessarily give them all the time. For instance, your cat might absolutely love cream, while your dogs are a huge fan of steak.  

Obviously, you can’t feed your pets human food and other treats all of the time, as this wouldn’t be much good for their health. However, on their birthday, you can afford to be a little more lenient with just how many treats your pooch or kitty gets.  

  1. Buy them a Gift 

Yes, you can buy gifts for your pet, just like you would buy presents for anyone else in your family. The great thing about gifts is that they can double up as a present for both you and your furry pal. For instance, a new set of dinner bowls spruces up the kitchen and gives your pooch something special. Alternatively, a new scratching post for your cat could save your furniture from being torn to ribbons.  

Think about what kind of gifts will get tails wagging and take a quick look online. You can usually find a lot of pet-friendly gifts that will delight your dog or cat, without forcing you to spend a small fortune.  

  1. Make them the Centre of Attention 

Most of the time, our pets want to be at the centre of our world. However, we often have things like work and other chores to deal with, which means that we can’t spend as much time petting and playing as we might like. As soon as you have a day at home after your pet’s birthday (or on it), make sure that they get everything that they want.  

This could mean taking your dog out for several walks in the same day or just spending hours playing with the same mouse or bird toy with your cat. Build your schedule around the things that you know your animal loves to do! 

  1. Pay for a Pamper Session 

This is something that’s more likely to appeal to dogs than cats. Although there are some kitties out there that don’t mind being pampered, most would rather avoid a trip to the groomers. Dogs, on the other hand, often love the opportunity to try some deluxe treatments. Give your pup the ultimate pampering session by paying for them to have a hydrotherapy treatment, or get their nails trimmed by an expert.  

You could also consider creating your own spa treatments at home. Invest in your pup’s favourite shampoo and give them a wonderful bath. Make sure that they get plenty of cuddles afterwards while they’re drying off, and lots of time to relax in the warmth and get rid of any of that residual damp fur. If your cat is into getting a good brush, like many are, you can replace the bath with a brushing session! 

  1. Take Birthday Photos 

Finally, there’s a good chance that you already take tons of pictures of your furry friend anyway. Why not take things to the next level for your loved one’s birthday? You can hire photographers that specifically work with animals to take some professional-looking portraits of your dog or cat. This is a great way to give your furry friend a chance to feel special and get some great pictures at the same time to hang around your home.  

Alternatively, you can consider buying some props from a local pet store and having your own photo session at home. There are even filters available online if you can’t get your kitty to wear a party hat.  

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