A cosmetically appealing orthodontic treatment option. 

A cosmetically appealing orthodontic treatment option. 

Tooth misalignment, whether in your early childhood, teenage years or adult life can be an unpleasant and unwanted experience. Eating certain foods can cause discomfort and in some of the more severe cases, speech difficulties can arise. These physical impacts can in turn begin to reduce the patients’ overall self-esteem. It may be that you believe you are too old for realignment treatment, or it may be that you do not want to face the world with the more traditional styled metal braces. Whether you are in your late teens or older stages of your life there are orthodontic treatments that have combined modern technology with innovative cosmetic knowledge. Invisible aligners are the effective and cosmetically appealing result. 

Tailor-made aligners that are fitted precisely to your own teeth using transparent and flexible plastic. These aligners gently push the teeth into a newly aligned position using pressure points in particular places. Carried out primarily by yourself, Invisalign St John’s Wood has become the more popular orthodontic treatment over the years. 

Although this may sound like the ideal treatment for you, before you dive head-first into a treatment plan it is important to explore the treatment a little more. With this in mind, below are some of the more common questions answered. 

A costly alternative?

Whilst the more cosmetically appealing orthodontic treatments are not yet readily available via the NHS, the cost of these aligners does not necessarily mean a huge cost all at once. A variety of dental practices understand the need for more inconspicuous treatments as well as being able to fund them which is where finance options come into place. From spreading the cost to 0% finance deals, there are a variety of ways to afford the desired treatment without breaking the bank. 

How long is this treatment for?

When discussing the length of time of treatment, it is hard to say as it depends entirely on the individual case. However, for the average misalignment case, it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to see visible results. This is entirely dependent on the starting point and the commitment to wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day. Without consistency, the treatment, no matter the starting point, can be greatly impacted and therefore results will be slower or non-existent.

How often can I leave the aligner off?

Removing the transparent aligner during meal and snack times is highly recommended so as to protect the equipment from wear and to avoid food debris being caught within it. However, aside from this and the daily oral hygiene routines, it is important to wear the brace as consistently as possible for around 22 hours a day. If left out for long periods of time the teeth can begin to shift back to their original positions which will undo any work carried out in the meantime. Commit to the process and the end results will be worth it.  

Can I switch between treatments?

It may be that you are already receiving orthodontic treatment, or it may be that you need to begin with a more traditional brace, either way, if you are interested in switching to the removable aligner option then rest assured this is possible. In order to understand your options you would need to consult with your dental team and from there a plan can be created which will best suit your circumstances. 

Contact your dental team today to open up the discussion and to begin understanding your own options. 

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