A smile makeover at your dentist in Sydney CBD

A smile makeover at your dentist in Sydney CBD

If you are happy with your smile, then you will be encouraged to smile more often. A beautiful smile helps promote self-confidence and self-esteem, and it helps you to enjoy better mental health and overall wellbeing. To find out how you can improve the aesthetics of your smile and promote better dental health, you need to speak to your dentist Sydney CBD and book a consultation so that together you can create an individually tailored treatment plan that will help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

At your dentist Sydney CBD, you will need to undergo a thorough assessment of your teeth and gums to make sure that they are free of any underlying dental issues. Any issues which may be present need to be dealt with prior to undergoing any cosmetic dental treatment. Once your dentist is happy that your teeth and gums are clean and strong then you are ready to begin your journey to improving your smile. There are many different factors which can affect the appearance of our teeth. Protruding teeth, crooked and wonky teeth, overlapping, overcrowded teeth and gaps in the teeth are all issues that affect the look of your smile but also affect your dental health. Thanks to advances in dental technology, these issues can be addressed at your dentist Sydney CBD. Depending on the severity of your issues there are different treatment options for you. 

If there are a number of different factors which are affecting the appearance of your teeth, you need to speak to your dentist Sydney CBD and find out about having an individually tailored smile makeover to help improve the appearance of your mouth and promote better dental health.

A straight, white smile

A smile makeover with your dentist Sydney CBD is made up of different treatments and procedures to create an aesthetically pleasing, healthier smile. To begin with, you may need to address the misalignment issues of your teeth. The majority of adults, even those who have undergone orthodontic treatment, suffer from a certain extent of misalignment of their teeth. By creating a neatly aligned smile, you will begin to transform your mouth immediately. There are many different treatment options available to do this, and it depends on your dental requirements and your personal preference on which type of braces you may need to correct the alignment of your teeth. If you have complex orthodontic issues then you may need to undergo traditional orthodontic treatment using fixed dental braces, or if you have minor misalignment issues then you may be able to achieve a beautiful straight smile using invisible aligners at your dentist Sydney CBD. This may take from three months up to 18 months and will vary from patient to patient.

Once your teeth are neatly aligned, your dentist in Sydney CBD will be able to offer you different types of teeth whitening procedures that help improve the appearance of your smile even further. Teeth staining is a common issue presented at your dentist in Sydney CBD, and whether you would like to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home or at the hands of the dentist, teeth whitening will help you achieve a smile that you are proud to show off to the world. Speak to your dentist in Sydney CBD today to find out more.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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