And then he kissed me!

And then he kissed me!

Exciting news from our household!  Today is the first time EVER that my little boy Freddie has given me a kiss.  A proper kiss, on the lips.

Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but it’s HUGE for me.  I think of myself as a cuddly, warm mummy, but Freddie has never really been particularly affectionate towards me (or anyone, really).  He’ll come to me when he’s tired, or poorly, or has hurt himself; that goes without saying.  But free-choice cuddles and kisses have been non-existent.  And it’s not for want of trying!  I was actually getting quite worried; was it something I was doing wrong?  He has always been independent, but surely that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want kisses from his parents?  Me and G are always affectionate in front of him.

So today, I asked him.  “Kiss for Mummy?” I asked, hopefully.  And he turned to me, and kissed me on the lips.  Along with a closed mouth “mmm” noise.  I was so surprised!  And delighted, of course.  I didn’t realise how much I really wanted affection from him until that moment.

So it feels like now we have really turned a corner.  Hopefully this means more cuddles!

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