Get Fast, Get Fun, Get Crafty This Summer

Get Fast, Get Fun, Get Crafty This Summer

Wouldn’t you know it? The summer holidays are right around the corner.  While our kids may see this as the high point of the year, the apex around which their entire calendar revolves, for a lot of us parents… it’s not quite so much fun.

Booking time off work, arranging childcare or even just getting the humdrum activities of day to day life done can become complicated when you have the little ones charging around.


Trying to contain all of their seemingly limitless energy under one roof can lead to disaster, so it’s worth getting out of the house as often as possible to engage in some fun activities as a family.  


But coming up with new and fun ideas can be daunting.


Not to worry, here are some fun suggestions that the whole family will enjoy, come rain or shine!


Grow their minds, blow their minds!

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While they’d never admit it in a billion years, kids love learning. Especially when they’re having such a great time that they don’t even know they’re learning. If you can get your kids to one of the many wonderful museums all over the country, it’s an ideal family day out that has a range of benefits for developing young minds.


Wherever you are, chances are you’re not far from a phenomenal museum.


Some of our nation’s finest include:


  • The World Museum- Liverpool
  • Museum of Science and Industry- Manchester
  • Nottingham Contemporary
  • Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery- Cumbria
  • Haslemere Educational Museum- Surrey


Feeling the need for speed?

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If your kids sometimes feel like human hurricanes, dashing around faster than you can keep track of them. If your children feel the need for speed, then a go karting experience can be a fun and thrilling experience for them and you’d be surprised how much fun you’ll find yourself having too.


Many karting arenas, including our friends at Lakeside Karting offer special packages for families and children, that offer safe and fun karting experience from kids as young as 3.


Kids are often fascinated by cars and go-karting can be a great way to demystify driving for them and get them used to driving responsibly even if they’re years and years away from attempting their driving test.


Get crafty

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Kids relish the opportunity to express themselves, and if they can do so while getting their hands dirty… so much the better! Crafts are not only fun, they have a great range of developmental benefits. They’re a great way to improve kids’ concentration levels and fine motor skills as well as teaching them patience and pride in their work.


It can also be a great way for you to bond with your little ones over a project that you can work on extensively over the summer period.


If you like the idea of bonding over some crafts but don’t have the first idea where to start then Activity Village is a site that’s bursting with fun ideas to keep you and the kids busy for a great many summers.

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